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Colombia Real Estate Guide ebook

Buying real estate in Colombia has its particularities. Wouldn't you like to find out how it can be done, what to expect along the way, and how best to enjoy what you'll buy with your effort?  Thinking about buying real estate in Colombia is one thing. Taking the steps to actually buy the house of your dream is another.

 This guide will open your eyes to what is possible and how to start making your dreams of having a home in Colombia a reality.

If you've ever considered buying colombia real estate,  this guide is for you.  Even if you already are the owner of a property, this guide will also be very useful as you'll find information that you wanted to know the first time, and that surely will help you in future transactions, when you want to sell your house to buy another.

I know it is quite a lot of information to start with. After all you are just beginning to plan your new adventure in Colombia for any of the following reasons:

You're looking for a permanent move with your Colombian partner

You have been relocated for work

You want to buy real estate for investment

Perhaps looking for a holiday home in a beach paradise?

Looking for a country to retire to where your savings will stretch a bit further?

And the most common situation: You have a Colombian wife/husband who is telling you again and again to invest in Colombia real estate.

It doesn't really matter, the challenges and pitfalls are the same. So the idea of buying a property in Colombia is great. (I love to promote my country!!) But unfortunately for many people the actual process can be very stressful, fraught with worry and financial concerns. And even more with a property market, legal system and language you are unfamiliar with. But it doesn't need to be like that as far as you are well concerned.

As you have confirmed by yourself, this is the right place!. In any other website on the net you will find all this information. I know, because I had to do it by myself (I couldn't find any valuable information in English on the Internet), so I decided to share my more than fourteen years experience and knowledge of the real estate business with you.That's why you won't need to waste your own time and hard-earned money looking else where.

I am happy to have found a guide as informative as this one. You definitely understand the need to have information handy. There are so many sites that do not fully explain, short on guidance and offer no real assistance. Now I feel I will be armed with the information I need to make a sound decision. My wife is from Cali and I really enjoy it each time I visit. We have been discussing buying property as investment for retirement. As I have printed the material, I will spend time reading it. Thanks again,.
- Rick, U.S
Thanks for all your great info on purchasing in Colombia it is really good.
- Paul,Canada

I have already done the work for you in this guide and I'm giving to you all this valuable information for your best use. This guide draws from thousands of hours of research and first-hand experience. It pulls no punches and tells it like it really is.

Usually what a new comer needs when going to live abroad is hardinformation on actually living, working, investing and doing business in Colombia.
This guide provides you all those kind of information.

The Colombia real estate Guide

This comprehensive guide explodes the myths and exposes the truth.

What you'll get in your "Colombia Real estate Guide" e-book?
  • A complete step by step description of the buying process
  • How to pay for your real estate in Colombia
  • What to be aware of about legal procedures and paperwork
  • What you must know when making a purchase agreement
  • What you should know about how to protect your investment
  • Some Tips if you're planning as an Investor in Colombia
  • How to make an offer - and what you're getting yourself into when you do
  • Deposits, forms, notaries, inspections and all kinds of other things that can happen
  • Closing procedure and closing costs in Colombia
  • My description of the best Hot spots and Local Real Estate market in most important Colombian cities.

Plus many other extremely valuable Information not included in the website just at your disposal:

How to deal with mortgage loans in Colombia?
  • Mortgage systems in Colombia, how they work
  • What's credit in UVR and in Pesos?
  • Mortgage credits FAQs

How foreigners can get a mortgage in colombia ?
  • Conditions to get a mortgage loan to foreigners
  • What to bear in mind if you decide to apply for a mortgage loan
  • Banks you can take a mortgage from abroad

How to Open a Bank Account in Colombia for Foreigners

  • To have or not to have a bank account... that's the question
  • Conditions to get a bank account in Colombia
  • Colombian Currency overview

International Money transfer Alternatives for sending money to Colombia
  • 9 different ways to get your money available in Colombia
  • International banks in Colombia
  • Colombian Banks

Tax Regime in Colombia
  • Foreign income and tax treaties
  • Special expatriate tax regime
  • Principal ways of how to make business in Colombia
  • Personal taxation regime


How Appraisals work in Colombia
  • Difference between commercial and cadastral valuation
  • Steps to Consult Cadastral Appraissal for Properties In Bogota on The Internet


How to buy Off plan projects in Colombia

  • What to bear in mind when buying off plan projects in Colombia
  • What is a fiducia or trusteeship agreement
  • Pros and cons of buying off plan projects in Colombia


Foreign Investment Registration
  • Benefits of investing in Colombia
  • Foreign Exchange declaration
  • Steps for making the foreign investment registration
  • Difference between forms number 4 and number 5


Important Information for International Developers

  • Documents and Procedures Required to Build Or Remodel Urban Real Estate in Colombia
  • Steps on how To Apply For an Urban Development License
  • Authorities Involved In Issuing Development Licenses


Renting and Leasing in Colombia

  • What you should know when renting real estate in Colombia
  • Most FAQ when leasing in Colombia

Some of this information you already have readed in my site and knows how useful can be. In a PDF file you have no ads, no banners, no distractions, and it's made specially for those of you who:
    Don`t have the time to read all the site at once.

    Wants to read all this information sitting in a comfortable couch.

    Don't want to surf every page and print it manually.

    Or maybe just want to have it as a file to download to your smart phone, ipad, tablet PC, or just print it in a handy booklet to consult it every time a question arises in the buying process.

The best reading experience is achieved by printing it. That way, you can also make notes/remarks while reading.

You are getting everything you need to know about buying a property in Colombia in a printable, easy to carry e-book guide.

I've even arranged a fast, easy way for you to get this valuable ebook...

How can you do that?

By ordering from 2Checkout, our private and secure authorized retailer, the "Colombia Real Estate Guide" e-book. The whole information you need to buy real estate in Colombia in a PDF format can be yours almost instantly!

Your guide (and valuable feedback to my queries) have given me theopportunity to make an informed decision regarding buying/renting in Colombia. Thank you for all the hard work putting together the information. We now can make our way through the legalities and benefits of owning or renting in Colombia.
- Greg, Canada
Hi, Great guide, just found it on the web. I've read the "How to pay"chapter for the moment, I'm planning to read the rest. Now, I live in Paris and want to buy in Bogota.
- Thomas, France

SpecialBonus # 1

Getting your Colombia real estate guide give you acces to this aditional valuable information ...
The Colombia Visa Guide

This guide  gives you the complete description of each Visa type required for you to legalize your status as a foreigner in Colombia.

You'll find all the information required to:

  • Conduct a business in Colombia
  • Invest in Colombia Real Estate
  • Work or Study in Colombia
  • Make an investment and remain in the country
  • Enter the country temporarily to make business or to perform commercial or corporate activities, without signing a labor contract.
  • To be hired by a company, organization, or individual, and seeks to enter or remain in the country to work
  • Act as a financier or a partner,or owner of a commercial company in Colombia.

Plus some other information I've collected about:

  • How to get your visa without leaving the country
  • Visas Frequently asked questions
  • Tips about procedures and paperwork
"Mauricio,special thanks for the Colombia Visa Guide eBook ... I found it very interesting and full of useful information and it confirmed my thoughts of the investment visa. Once again thank you for you great advice and willingness to help and I wish you heaps of luck with your web-enterprize."
- Nico,Italy

SpecialBonus # 2 - Free lifetime Update

Yes, that's right. By ordering our online guide. You will have lifetime access to all of our updates.

Forget about those outdated,cheap, useless ebook guides

I have a lifetime update policy. When you buy the eBooks, you will be added to my "Send New Version When Update" list, in order to keep you updated as things in Colombia real estate regulations change, FOR NO EXTRA COST in your lifetime.

Last update distribution was done on October/2010.

I'm sure you will greatly benefit from having all my experience and knowledge available to you as an ebook for such a modest price,

I'm sure this information will save you money - no doubt about it. Maybe hundreds?... thousands?.

In fact, you won't even have to pay the price a valuable ebook or report like this usually can cost. I was advised to charge at least US90 dollars for each e-book. That's US 180 dollars for all that valuable information guides and benefits . But I'm aware I'm not Garcia Marquez, nor any Internet millionaire Guru... No yet!! I'm working on it though!!

So what are you waiting for?

Get instant access to The Colombia real estate Guide plus The Colombia Visa Guide
wich usually would cost USD 179,99 ,

We offer you for a normal price of USD 49,95

colombia real estate guide colombia visa guide

However, You can benefit of our Limited promotion price of just USD$29,95
Ordering Now

The Colombia Real Estate Guide -CREG- and the Colombia Visa guide -CVG- are PDF files (approximate 1.6 MB for CREG and 600 KB for CVG), and downloading time may vary depending upon your computer's Internet connection. Within a few seconds after payment, you can start reading and discovering everything you need to know to buy Colombia Real Estate.

Order securely and totally online
24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days a year.
Time and space is no limit: You can start learning about how to buy real estate in Colombia in less than 5 minutes!

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60-Day,100% unconditional money-back guarantee!

If, for any reason, you do not think those eBooks are helpful to you in any way, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, 60-Day 100 % refund. You can't lose on this deal.

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