COTA- Casa en conjunto cerrado

by BCR
(Cota, cundinamarca)

Cota is a town nearby Bogotá going to the north just 20 minutes away by car from the North Gate of Transmilenio .

For sale rural House with an area of 230 square meters. The construction ended in January 2007 so the house is in fact a brand new one. What makes this property so special is that for one side you are out of the crowd of the city, and by the other hand you are close enough to not make you feel like an isolated monk.

The house is located within Hacienda La Gioconda a community set of 14 houses, in lots of 3.200 sq meters each one; in the town of Cota -Cundinamarca state-. Most of the residents are professionals with their families and retired people, who lives in complete harmony and respect for each other.

Its peaceful, enviable fresh air and its closeness to Bogotá, make of this town an ideal place whether for living or weekends getaways.

The community has 24 hours security guard.

Total Area of the Lot: 3,200 mts 2. It has an approved license to build a second house.

The house is located close to a hill with a marvelous landscape (you can see it at the pictures how is the open window view).

Right now in that area, different Cundinamarca real estate developers had started several community projects of high value houses with huge success. Just next to the Hacienda there is a big beautiful house under construction which indicates the kindnesses of the sector and the confidence of the investors.

Address: Hacienda La Gioconda, Km 6 on the road Siberia- Cota.

If you want to invest in Cundinamarca real estate is also an excellent opportunity since with the purchase of the house you acquired a license to build another house if you want and recover completely the initial investment.

House Features

  • Two stories

  • Nº bedrooms: Three (3) with carpet floor and walk in closets made of wood.

  • No. of Bathrooms: Three (3). One social Bath, another one in the first floor and the last one at the second floor at the master bedroom with Jacuzzi.

  • Dining and living room with fireplace separate from each other

  • Studio with Satellite internet connection

  • Open Kitchen with excellent finishing

  • Laundry area with internal connections for washing and drying machines

  • TV Hall: In the second floor also with a fireplace

  • Maid´s Quarters with bathroom

  • Electric saving system in all the house ( Installed by me since I am the manufacturer)

  • Security Guard 24 hours. We also have assigned patrol protection from local Police, nevertheless is a completely safe sector and until now there has not arised any security issue.

  • Maid´s Quarters


COP$ 500.000.000 about USD$250,000

This is my special vacation house, the one I built by my own using my life savings. Even Financial commitments force me to sell the house; I?m not in a rush to give it away for an offer so far from my asking price. I know I?m asking a fair price compared to other properties around it and the value of the area.

Condo Maintance fee: $ 150.000.oo pesos aprox Us 75 monthly.

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