extensive land for sale in Puerto Gaitan Colombia

by BCR
(Puerto Gaitan, Meta)

Puerto Gaitan aereal view

Puerto Gaitan aereal view

Puerto Gaitan aereal view

Rio Tillava

Farm for sale in Puerto Gaitan (Meta) 17.723 hectares, special for agroindustrial projects in Colombia. Located about one and half hour by car in a highway from Villavicencio, and one hour away from Puerto Gaitan town in a semi-paved path. 130 km from Puerto Gaitan and 30 Km from Sapuga.

Around the area there are several oil exploration fields, and the oil companies are the ones in charge to maintain the rural roads. Some agroindustrial companies from all around the country, have soya, african palm and rubber plantations close to the land. There is also cattle production
Safety is relatively good. I say "relatively" because thiefs exists anywhere in the world, but the area is clean of organized crime like guerrilla or paramilitars. There is an army base in the area.

The land is all fenced, has water and its perfect for expansive agricultural development.

The most important asset value provider of this land is its clear titles, given by public deed.

I have studied the titles and there is no "Incora" titles or previous issues in it.

Ecopetrol , the colombian oil company, was interested on the land, most because the titlle clearness, but finally they discard it because they were looking for a land of at least 60.000 hectares to buy.

Puerto Gaitan area is closer to industrial facilities than Vichada area, where it takes more time and costs in logistics to take out the products.

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Limitation of use as collateral expired in Dec 2010). After this date the land can be used as equity for any other type of loans (commercials for example).
For goverment policies the land can't be used as equity to commercial bank loans, during the first five years after the date of the goverment's titulation.

In case of serious interest, it's possible to make a phisic boundary verification. There is a service in Villavicencio where it's possible to hire an aircraft to do a traveled through around all the farm, and make the verification visually and with GPS. This cost around US$1.000, and can be made in one day.

The most important town near is Puerto Gaitan, located 1 hour and a half away from the land. There is also small villages nearby, but the most part of the labor comes from Puerto Gaitan.


In rural areas of that part of the country there is not public utilities. Main electric lines are located in the town of Puerto Gaitan and nearby. Land owners who wants to buy electricity from there has to build their own electric lines and this is an important investment. So that's why all the farms use power diesel generator station for electrical supply. Currently tThe farm has a small one that supplies the guard's house and the maintenance cost is unsignificant.
Tha land has several sources of water. The farm has two rivers that borders the land; There are also "morichales" small channels that canalize the water through the farm. There are also natural water lakes.
Natural water supply is not an issue. The Meta department has an index rainfall of 2,000 mm (78") - 3.000 mm(117") per year, well distributed throughout the year. I would say that no irrigation is necessary.

Is there a direct road access to the land? Yes, as I mentioned before, there is a highway to Puerto Gaitan. From there you continue for a main road and 10 minutes later you will find Ecopetrol facilities, 30 minutes later there is an african palm plantation with its own extraction plant. 3.000 ha of palm was sewed in that farm two years ago.
Then, turning to the right you get in to the farm. As you can see in the pictures the land is all flat and is easy to set a road. Passing by the farm there is Ecopetrol's Pozo Rubiales a new exploration dive, the company is the one in charge to maintain the main road.
There is a possiblity to get shorten the way by building an small bridge. This would disminish the time about 40 minutes

Is there a housing or infrastructure on the land?
There is a house for the guard and a warehouse.

Is there any cattle or farming included in the price.?
No, the farm was fenced for the use of 10.000 cattle heads. But the cattle is not included. Currently there is no farming.

Price of lands with farming, cattle infrastructure, or any kind of improvement has been saled in 10 million pesos ha. It's also to take in mind that new regulations are favoring the invesment in land for agricultural development.
(income tax reduction, free import tax for machinery. etc.)

Payment alternatives will be considered. Foreign currency USD or EUR can be accepted.

LAND SIZE: 17,723 Ha = 43,953 acres

PRICE: COP$1,800,000/ Hectarea

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Aug 09, 2011
Land price in P$
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir,

I would be pleased if you can re-look at the price quoted and confirmed the price is P$ 1,800,000,000/Ha.

Thanks for the comment. Yes the price was wrong in Colombian pesos. The price is $1'800,000/hectare ( One million eight hundred thousand pesos per hectare).
We have made the correction.

Sep 03, 2009
land in Pto Gaitan
by: BCR

This other land is closest to your offer http://www.buycolombiarealty.com/land-for-sale-in-puerto-gaitan-meta.html
If you need other information, please use our contact form at the blue navigation bar on the left.
BCR team

Sep 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have US$500.000.oo for extensive Land in Puerto Gaitan Colombia

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