Gateway to the exotic northern coast of Colombia Parque Tayrona Santa Marta

by Betty
(Naples, FL)

In the middle of nature, a tropical paradise. This property is only 5 kms from numerous beaches where you can spend the day, or nights. Our home is the gateway to "Pueblito" a famous first stop for visitors to Parque Tayrona. Spectacular 3-hour walk in nature. This property has an extension of 1,202 m2, resides next to a creek, has electricity, plenty of water supply and reservoir. We have an adjacent property, 4,990 m2 in extension, where we cultivate a variety of fruit trees from mango, lemon, avocado, guava, tangerines, guanabana (special Colombian fruit recommended for health purposes), and obviously coconuts. fertil ground, you can crop about anything. We had yuca, flowers. plantains among others Climate full of breeze, much cooler than Santa Marta. Close to great vacation resorts Mendihuaca and Isla Bella. Local resorts and rivers all around the area. Very touristic, unique beaches. The property sells with a membership to Isla Bella up to date and a jeep in good condition, perfect for your needs.

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