Investors needeed: hight value development Project in Bogota downtown

by BCR
(Bogota, COLOMBIA)

Bogota's downtown

Bogota's downtown

Urban renovation in Bogota's downtown is a fact. There is an interest oportunity for being part of it. New commercial center in “the heart” of downtown Bogota’ with three modern design 12 and 15 story towers. In the best location of Latin America, the traditional financial center of Bogota.

Titles “free and clear”, Construction plans completed, Construction permits registered and approved.
Modern design in glass, and 800 car intelligent parking system unique in Latin America. Partnership agreement with ownership rights ,Assignment of rents and royalties, On title when project is finished, assignee in insurance policies.


  • Government Offices: Federal and state

  • Hospitals: private , HMO’s, public

  • Shopping Centers: Hundreds of shops

  • Transportation: Metro, Transmilenio, public

  • Hotels: Radisson, Hilton, Continental , Bacata

  • Population: 10 million ( 2006 census)

  • Universities: National, Javeriana, Military

  • Religious Centers: Catholic Cathedrals

  • Civic Centers: Planetarium, museums etc.

Project Characteristics

  • Titles “free and clear”

  • Construction plans completed

  • Construction permits registered and approved Modern design in glass

  • 800 car intelligent parking system

Phases of Construction

  • Excavation of basements for parking

  • Installation of intelligent parking systems

  • Construction of two towers

  • Leasing of commercial spaces and professional offices

Parkmatic® Intelligent Parking

* 800 car underground parking

* Yearly projected revenues: us$8 million

* 24 hour automated service

New Construction Developments

  • Our project:us$200 million

  • Cultural center: us$250million

  • BD Bacata Hotel 54 story hotel and commercial center: us$250 million

  • Complete renovation of Continental Hotel: us$10million

  • Planetarium and other structures: us$100million

Quantity of Funds Required

  • Total of funds required: us$60 million dollars

  • us$20 million designated to purchase construction materials

  • us$22 million designated for construction

  • us$12 million designated for intelligent parking system

  • us$6 million designated for reserves

Security and Collateral

  • Partnership agreement with ownership rights

  • Assignment of rents and royalties

  • On title when project is finished

  • Assignee in insurance policies

Negotiable Return on Investment

  • Monthly , quarterly or annual interest

  • Principal and interest

  • Assignment of leases option

  • Parking system revenues

Phases: Projected Value

* Breaking ground value: us$100 million dollars

* Completed construction value: us $180 million dollars

* Fully leased value: us$200 million dollars

Method of Money Transfers

  • Electronic wire transfer

  • Cashier’s check drawn from Colombian Bank

  • “Take out” loan guaranteed transfers

To request for a Listing Brochure of this project, Please use the comments link below, inluding your email address. Only serious inquiries.

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Aug 09, 2011
Further information
by: Giovanni Munoz

I'm looking to invest in Colombia. Could you please send through more details. Sounds great in theory.

Please send details through to email:


Giovanni Munoz

Jun 12, 2011
by: Anonymous


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