Luxury town house in Zapatoca Santander

by Javier Montes
(Zapatoca, Santander, Colombia)

view from the entrance

view from the entrance

Very big house in a small town in the center of Colombia, 67degrees Fahrenheit all the year. Is one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia. 37 miles from Bucaramanga (state capital) The house has all the services (light, water, gas, cable, telephone, sewer)4736 square feet built inside a 44132 sqft land.

The house is built in brick and concrete, living-room with fireplace, dining-room, big kitchen 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, second floor with hood floor. It also has Hexagonal kiosk.
• wood stove area.
• Hall events.
• nacuma Kiosk.
• Area of bathrooms (2), changing rooms (2) and massage poolside.
• Sauna.
• Swimming pool and whirlpool.
• Artificial lake.
• Golfito.
• Area of sheds and corrals.
• Ecological trails.
• Children's play area.

Price in USD $ 750.000

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