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If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you have probably considered buying Colombia properties.

Sure there are many more reasons, but Do you have any idea where to start?

Well, here is what you've been searching for. This is a complete guide on How to buy Colombia real estate.

... Ah, and it's spelled Colombia not "Columbia" even though it's pronounced this way in English.

There is not enough information in English about Colombia real estate. This website is specially made for any foreigner who wants to find all the answers when it comes to  a biggest decisions a newcomer can make: Buying a home in Colombia.

And if through the process it helps to convince at least one foreign person to take root and live in Colombia, will be welcomed with open arms!!.

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We Colombians love our country and people all over the world would be able to discover the great things Colombia has to offer, and the wonderful place it is to live.

I want to share my more than twenty five years of experience in the construction and real estate business in Colombia and provide you free information regarding everything you need to know to make the most of your investment.

Most real estate websites shows a huge amount of listings and assume you pretend to buy directly after seeing their home pictures. Here at, we understand that you are not an expert about Colombia. That there are several steps to follow, to answer a lot of questions about how the laws in Colombia differ from those of your home country, for example. At the end you may find yourself asking, "Why hasn't anybody told me these things before?".

What you will find in BuyColombiaRealty?

Colombia Real estate markets in  major cities

Latest Property Listings

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    Jun 02, 22 11:35 AM

    Ruitoque Bucaramanga uno de los más bellos condominios de Colombia. Conozca como es vivir en Ruitoque Bucaramanga

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    Jun 01, 22 01:07 PM

    Pensando en comprar en Ruitoque condominio? Lo que debe saber antes de iniciar su compra de casa en Bucaramanga en el mejor conjunto campestre de Colombia

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  3. Ruitoque Golf Condominio

    Apr 01, 22 08:51 PM

    Ruitoque Golf is one of the most beautiful real estate projects in Colombia. Know more about the best real estate community in South America

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Never forget the three most important rules that apply in the modern online world and are starting to change the way of buying real estate abroad...

... Information, Information, Information !!

Ok yes, traditional ones are also important too: Location, Location and Location !!

Here you will find a good mix of these six rules. At the end you will feel confident, secure and the most important, happy and ready to enjoy your property in Colombia.

If you already have in mind what kind of property you want to buy, use our Property Search Form to send your request and We'll help you with the search.

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And if you're wondering who the heck has spent late nights writing all this information, you can read here about me.

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