Who are we and where are we?
BuyColombiaRealty.com is a company specialized in marketing and promoting real estate in Colombia to international markets. We can say that currently we are the only real estate company focused on international customer interested in Colombian real estate. Our website has been a pioneer in the promotion and marketing of real estate in Colombia for the foreign market and we have had success on the Internet to be the website with more exposure on search engines. Our goal is to become the first REAL ESTATE BROKER IN COLOMBIA FOR THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET.

We offer:

To potential international and local buyers: Advisory Service in the process of buying or investing in real estate in Colombia, through clear, comprehensive and quality information on the range of real estate in Colombia and its related services. To developers, agents and brokers: A channel for marketing their projects through marketing tools and online customer tracking to expand its overseas market and therefore increase sales of their projects.

a. Our online Traffic

Having a website is not enough. You need a website that has traffic ... And more important than that, Traffic to a niche market!

This is where we make a difference. BuyColombiaRealty.com has highly positioned in the major search engines without paying a single dollar in ad campaigns.

Thanks to our site content , with three (3) years on the net, it has ranked among the most visited sites, thanks to the first position in major search engines for most common terms used by foreigners and investors interested in real estate in Colombia. (e.g. You can type the term "Colombia real estate" in Google and check our leadership over millions of Internet sites.)

b. Our International Exposure

Thanks to our traffic and our content, we have been reviewed by leading international media and web portals to generate broad national and international exposure for our partners and clients. Among the most important reviews are:

New York Times "Great Homes and Destinations"
Colombia For Sale in ...
New York Times
Colombia's capital Find new sense of optimism

W radio in Colombia
, a member of the European media group Prisa Interview.
Mauricio Jaimes Interview

Expatexchange.com, one of the main places for retirees on the Web, published articles
Retire in Colombia

International Living Magazine. Publishing with 452.000 online subscribers and 52,000 subscribers on its printed edition.
Colombia Special Report


- MIC Microval.
International Finance Panamanian Company with over 40 years experience and with operations across Latin America that offers credits in dollars and Euros for Colombians living abroad, secured by mortgage in Colombia, and with which we have signed an agreement collaboration to refer clients .

- International Living.
Publishing with 452.000 online subscribers and 52,000 subscribers on its printed edition. Participating as collaborators in Colombia on the Caribbean coast in the special issue on Colombia that has been launched during 2010.

- Boomers Abroad.
We are moderators for Colombia in the social network of retirees in the fastest growing Latin American Web

- Skyline TV.
Company dedicated to the promotion and marketing of projects in Latin America through online TV and the cable channel E entertainment TV, with whom we have partnership agreements for the introduction of this channel of marketing in Colombia.

- International Retirement Guide.
We supply the content for this international printed guide which outlines more than 50 destinations in the world for retirees, includeding Colombia.

- HGTV House Hunters Internationals.
We were contacted by producers of this important cable TV real estate network, looking to make a show about experiences of foreign buyers in Colombia . After finding a foreign buyer in Medellin, we hosted the show in Medellin. http://www.hgtv.com/house-hunters-international/show/index.html

We have active participation in other major social media networks, with real estate groups about Colombia:

Colombia real estate Network
Colombia e-mobiliaria


1.2 Real Estate Agent Network

We have a network of more than 20 independent real estate agents and real estate companies which we have been working together to promote residential and commercial properties in different cities of Colombia.:

Bogota - Cali - Medellin - Bucaramanga - Barranquilla - Santa Marta - Cartagena - Villa de Leyva - Pereira - Armenia

1.2. Where are we heading to?

The increasing demand of information from foreign buyers, and Colombian nationals residing overseas, as well as the need for a reliable and effective service from professionals who can provide security in the purchase of housing, has presented the need to provide a site Web where the potential buyer can find update and reliable information about professionals and companies in Colombia that can meet their needs. On the other hand, the supply of services is presented in a scattered and disorganized way, creating greater distrust in the potential buyer. Those conditions creates the opportunity to provide the real estate industry with more than just another listing site, and create a value-added service that allows real estate sector through efficient Web technology, the global marketing of their properties.

Outside there is a potential market of affluent buyers, eager to find factual information on the local Colombian real estate market. Only the number of Americans and Canadians living abroad, currently 7 million, has grown over the last decade and is expected to grow more than double in the next 10 years. If we consider that the so-called Baby Boomers generation is 100 million people, is a negligible market. Many of these people not only in America but in Europe are looking for: - Buying a second home in Latin America
- Living in Latin America
- Retiring in Latin America
- Investing in Latin America.

And Colombia has perhaps more and better benefits than other countries like Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Panama can have. The problem is that they do not know it!!... and when we they know about us, we don't how to sell it! Additionally, It's estimated 4.5 million Colombians living abroad, 60% of them with attached links, married to foreigners and second generation fully adapted to the countries of emigration. Many of them want to return to their home countries or seek a second home to keep ties with their roots.

The Colombian market offers endless opportunity and we have the tools to exploit them.