Barranquilla: Colombia’s Golden Gate

Barranquilla is located at the Caribbean Sea estuary of Magdalenas’s River- Colombia largest river- .
The City has historically attracted foreign people from around the world because of its port. That's why it was named “Colombia’s Golden Gate”. Its commercial development in the beginning of the 20th century brought immigrants mainly from Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Germany, and also from the U.S, Italy and Spain.

The town is just between Cartagena and Santa Marta and less than an hour from both. Climate is rather hot. Average temperature is 29ºC. But at the end of the year the Alisios’ winds cools it to a more comfortable temperature.

Rainy season is from May to June, and the city is popular because the streets get flood literally like rivers causing chaos in the traffic. I’ve always heard that it is a problem in the city’s sewer system networks. Anyway you have to be aware not to get trap in the middle of one of these rivers!.

The most famous Colombian Carnival takes place here. Carnaval de Barranquilla’s parties in February meets the most popular Tropical music bands from Colombia and the world. It is considered the second largest Carnival of Latin America because of its cultural richness, but it doesn’t have that sexual connotation as Carnaval de Rio in Brazil.

At the traditional “Batalla de las Flores” – Battle of flowers- parade, procession can walk through the city from South to North until Via 40 Avenue next to the Magdalena River, where everybody can join to dance and to party.

Barranquilla Real estate facts

Colombia's golden gate real estate market has increased over the last 10 years. It is one of the most active markets of the country.  It impacts positively other sectors contributing to the development of the property market.

More than 50% of the total construction of the Colombia Caribbean region is built in Barranquilla.

The areas with the highest valuation at the capital of the Atlantic in terms of land prices and construction, are located in Riomar and Altos de Riomar , Golf, Alto Prado, Villa Santos (booming sector), Buenavista and its surrounding area, Villa Carolina and the developing area located between Punta Roca to the municipality of Salgar and Puerto Colombia.

The segments with more dynamic are strata 3 and 4.

Most important developers have under-construction projects in exclusive neighbourhoods like The Golf, Altos de Ríomar, Alto Prado and residential districts like Paseo la Castellana and Buenavista. The majority are wide space apartments and there just a few offer of houses.

Most of this projects have excellent finished like porcelain polished tile, granite countertops, 2,5 meters high ceiling, all-in-one kitchens and a sort of amenities.

Unlike other Colombian cities, the offer of country-side projects in surrounding areas is not to much. There are some developments in the road that leads from the city to the nice spot of Puerto Colombia.

The projects of construction that are being developed  in the midterms, ranks the city itself as the leader of the Colombia Caribbean real estate market.

Complexion of commercial constructions (supermarkets and shopping centers) are starting to push real estate developments in areas so much to the north as to the south 

There are a variety of projects located to the South-east and  targeted to middle-class population, located to the south of the city over the ancient road that goes to Cartagena .

 Development of luxurious projects has skyrocket  particularly in the north of the City.

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