CALI: The heaven’s Branch office

Cali is Colombia's third largest city and a center for sugar, coffee and textile industry. It is located in Colombia’s southwestern region, about 995 meters above sea level and it’s the capital of Valle del Cauca state, a diverse region of coast, foothills and the Andean cordillera.

A popular Salsa song says that as long as New York is the capital of the world and Paris the city of light, Cali is the heaven’s Branch office. It enjoys terrific nightlife in the salsotecas, and visitors can enjoy the historic center as well as excursions into the surrounding areas for sugar baron haciendas and the prime archaeological sites of San Agustin and Tierradentro located a couple of hours away.

The City normally has two dry seasons, from December to March and again in July and August. Average temperature is 23° C (73.4°F)

It is famous all over Latin America for its fair. La Feria de Cali from December 25 through new year ’s eve, is famous for its cavalcade parade, bullfight season, and of course the salsa festival. The town becomes the world Salsa capital and meets the most important salsa groups from around the world. Fania All Stars, Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Sonora Ponceña, are some of the most famous artists that have performed here. Hector Lavoe the famous Puerto Rican singer fell in love with Cali and lived here for six months in 1982. It’s an event that Salsa lovers can miss.

Salsotecas abound on the northern side of the Pance river, particularly in the Juanchito suburb. Night tours in “Chivas” – the colorful open made of wood bus- last about five hours and will get you into a number of hot salsa spots.

Caleños used to be known as an example of civism. I say “it used to” because in the later years, the national perception is that City has suffer from a” social breakdown”, and has lost values that distinguished as a “Civic town” . Fortunately local authorities and the Caleños themselves wants to leave apart the unfair legacy that drug lords let in the 80’s and 90’s decades and they are working to recovered its civic values.

Cali Real estate facts

As in the whole country, local real estate sales are increasing in a steady way. The City is passing through a good moment concerning real estate supply. But unlike other cities, prices haven’t increase too much, because there is still a lot of land available for construction.

Developers have bet to the supply of high end class properties, using the presale system as it is common all over the country. Also the mid class housing projects supply has not diminished.

Cali Neighbourhoods

At the south 

Ciudad Jardin

This continues being a demanded area. Some schools and Universities are located right there. That’s why people is moving from north to the south searching for a country life style but near the city. This is the area where the city has expanded.

About five minutes away, going south in the route to Jamundí, you can find some country projects with luxury characteristics. The common supplies are plots of land of 1,200 square meters areas.

Shopping Centers
La 14 supermarket at Valle del Lili

At the North
Chipichape Shopping center.

At the West
This is the traditional and wealthiest part of the City. You will find big apartments of 350, 230 and 150 square meters. There is not a good sight of the City, but there is it to the Dagua Canyon, Cristo Rey and Tres Cruces hills.

Normandía, is another one of the exclusive sectors but, unlike the south, land availability is little.

Panorama Shopping center

Centro Comercial Centenario

If you want to know about any other Cali's neighborhood, or if you already had a real estate buying experience in Cali Please, send an email and share with us your story.

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