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The Colombia Realty Gazette #05 - It's boomers time!
July 01, 2009

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The newsletter for the international community with information about the Colombian Real Estate Market and all related issues.

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------------------------------------------------------- keeps growing its networks of online communities to promote Colombia real estate to the international market. In the same way international investors are starting to focus on Colombia as an attractive market to develop new projects. ---------------------------------------------------------------
1. Boomers Abroad community
2. What you need to know when buying in off plan projects.
3. HGTV update
4. International investors interested in Colombia


1. Boomers Abroad community

We all have heard about the term "Baby Boomer", right? Well, there is no doubt that they are becoming more relevant as an important market niche at these critical times. In the next 20 years, 100 million baby boomers, from the USA and Canada, are going to retire. The first wave of baby boomers turned 60 in 2006 and their life is changing for them now. Five million baby boomers turn age 60 each year, Ten Thousand per day, Seven per minute, and scores of them are purchasing property abroad as vacation homes or investment homes. Naturally, many of them are turning these homes into potential primary retirement residences.

They are actively looking for information and for means to better understand how they can move abroad, live abroad, travel abroad, invest abroad or retire abroad. Particularly Latin America and the Caribbean are the regions where baby boomers have shown more interest. Colombia is starting to be on the spotlights, as another interesting destination to retire. But we need to do more in order to show what this country can offer to the world. is the first online community where baby boomers around the globe are starting to share their experiences in Latin-American destinations.

You will find in one place, important information about international Ecological Responsible Travel Programs, International Job Opportunities, International Teaching Positions, International Volunteering Opportunities and other important information not only in Colombia but all Latin-American destinations.

Colombia is not the first place that comes to mind when someone wants to retire abroad. So we need the help of all of you who for some reason decided to live in this beautiful country.

We have team up with this innovative website to help them build the Colombian boomers community. We want to know about the process you went through to find and select Colombia as your final destination. The pros and cons of living in Colombia. Things you didn't expect to experience, and experiences you expected that didn't happen. What you had to do to move from your home country to your host city in Colombia. Successes and failures, and what you'd do differently now that you've been through it. Tips on adapting to the Colombian culture and its people. Anything else you can think of that will help someone looking for a new country to consider Colombia as a retirement destination.

Join the Boomers Abroad community. It's free !. There is no fees or commissions for me or something like that. Just my interest in promoting Colombia as the Latin-American "hidden pearl".

And of course join the Colombian groups at Boomers Abroad Colombia Groups

2. What you need to know when buying off plan projects.

To Buy in preconstruction projects is the most common practice in Colombia. A serious developer does not start to build a project unless he has reached the break even sales. This is a rational measure that has become commercial practice in the industry, and has helped to keep speculators out of the market. As the decision to move to Colombia is not taking one day to the next, this is an interesting option for people living abroad, allowing them to afford with enough time in advance the property they want to buy, while it's time to move to Colombia. Many of these projects can take 15 to 24 months for completion, allowing sufficient time for the down payment. To know more about what to bear in mind when buyin in off plan projects, please read the page I have prepare at

3. International investors interested in Colombia International investors and developers are betting on Colombia's good economic performance and they are starting to see Colombia as a promising country to perform important real estate investment. Hotels and tourist developments , commercial real estate, housing oportunities are are some of the types of projects increasingly sought by foreign investors. BuyColombiaRelty is representing some of those gropus in Colombia. Read more information about one of this investments groups in spanish at The Caribbean coast continues attracting the majority of developments and in particular Cartagena as the most international spot in Colombia. One example is Kalasalada de Indias, a project conceived by an North American developer, highlights from other ones for its green concept. They launched it two months ago with an incredible competitive price compare to other similar projects in offer in the north area and at this moment they are still offering the latest units at launching price only until the end of July. Once the second phase has launched in the coming months, prices will be adjusted for sure. For more information visit Kalasalada de Indias

4. HGTV hunting buyers continues.

Thanks for all the people who answered our call for the HGTV show. We received many inquiries from people interested in participate in the "House hunting in Colombia" show. Unfortunately, producers are very strict with the conditions ( the age requirement, property ownership), so we are still on the search for the right couple. For some of you that are receiving this e-zine for the first time, please check our previous issue to know what are we talking about Colombia_Realty_Gazette #04- HGTV in Colombia

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