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Colombia and LATAM Report - Colombia Realty Gazette #10 -
November 05, 2010

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"We learn and grow and are transformed not so much by what we do but by why and how we do it."
- Sharon Salzberg

1. Latinamerica Real estate 2010 - Alternative Latin Investor Report

1. Real Estate Investment: Latin America 2010 An exclusive report from Alternative Latin Investor.

Alternative Latin Investor has released an in-depth report on the Latin American Real Estate investment environment. In the current economic market, the combination of high growth, a low fiscal deficit, current account surplus and a relatively healthy banking sector is attracting investors to the developing world, and Latin America in particular. Furthermore, political stability in the region has increased significantly in the last ten years, relative to the chaos of previous decades, and many governments are following a more business-friendly policy agenda. Against this favorable economic and political backdrop, Latin American real estate is rousing considerable interest as a stable, and potentially profitable, investment option. This special report focuses on four of the strongest and most exciting Latin American markets for real estate today: Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia. These countries are categorized as high growth and low debt, making them extremely attractive in today’s fragile investment climate. This exclusive report includes a comprehensive look at Colombia real estate trends, and includes our thoughts about some of the markets in Colombia.
Click here to read the Colombia section

You can find also deep look of Brazilian real estate with a special focus on the North East Region, insight on tourism hotspots of the future in Mexico as well as a look at Mexico’s first luxury green build, a forecast for Peru – Latin America’s Rising Star, an exclusive look at the development of Panama’s super project Panama Pacífico, and in depth analysis of agricultural land Investment in Argentina, and a look at lending and mortgage markets.

Click here to read their point of view about the Colombian real estate trend

Who is Alternative Latin Investor?

Alternative Latin Investor (ALI) is an online news source to provide information on alternative investments in Latin America. They publish a bimonthly digital magazine as well as special reports with the aim of creating new synergies both within the region and beyond.
By hosting a platform for industry professionals to submit articles concerning their areas of expertise, investors can benefit from the experience of alternative investment insiders.

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