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Three Secrtes, One thing, and my apologize
March 09, 2020

One thing, three Secrets on How to Buy in Colombia

Bucaramanga, March 2020


Hope you’re doing well, and enjoying a wonderful begin of the week.

Listen, we haven’t connected in a while.

Yea, that’s not cool.

I want to be here for you and have your back.

And even though I keep my effort on adding value in every service I provide, I know I haven't reached out personally to connect with many of you.

For that, I sincerely apologize.

While I was working on my new project this weekend ( Remember my last email?), I was thinking about you and your Colombia journey .

Here’s why…

Do you know you can Buy Real Estate without risking your money, or without having to pay expensive fees?


Some people say you have to hire a team of experts, that you can lose your shirt, and many other painful things, don't you?

Well Not really.

An I tell you Why not have to be that way

Here it is…

I will be hosting a live webinar where I will explaining this One thing:

How To Buy Real Estate in Colombia Without Risking your Money,

Go here and watch the video I just posted.

I pull back the curtain for you and share 3 major secrets that all Foreigners wanting to buy real estate in Colombia must know in order to not to rosk their hard earned money and make a good deal.

You don’t want to miss it.

Check it out, and please share in the comments what your big takeaway is. I’d love to hear from you.

No cost.

No “optin” required.

Just a quick video that I hope serves you well.

Much respect & appreciation.


Mauricio J.

P.S. This will be a two way learning experience for you and me. And it will let me continue sharing insights & many more with you in your buying journey.

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Buy Colombia Real Estate - Without Risking your Money

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