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The Colombia Realty Gazette #03 - Oportunity in Danger
March 25, 2009

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The Colombia Realty Gazette #3. March 25, 2008.

"The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity." - Winston Churchill
Global crisis? A Couple of weeks ago I was talking with my sister in law, who lives in Canada and was spending some days here in Colombia with my brother, and she was telling me that she felt as if there were no crisis in Colombia, watching the positivism of people in the streets, contrary to the general atmosphere that is breathed in Canada and USA.

We are not going to block the sun with a finger, but here you’ll find some reasons to think that in Colombia we see "opportunity in danger".


1. Santa Marta, the new hottest spot in the Colombian Caribbean.
2. in the NY Times
3. Medellin hosts the 50th annual assembly of the IDB (Interamerican Development Bank) from March 26.
4. Featured Properties For Sale in Colombia

1. Santa Marta, the new hottest spot in the Clombian Caribbean. Santa Marta is becoming the new hottest place of the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The recovery of historic district , new projects under construction, the choice as another stop for international cruising lines, the variety of tourist offer, gives an special attraction to Santa Marta as new international tourism place. Pedro Gomez y Cia one of the most important developers in Colombia, launched last week a new project at the bellohorizonte area, with prices starting from $5’000.000 pesos per square meter!! This makes look our listings as a bargain and it's also an indicative that prices for new and existing homes have enough space for valuation.

Check the new properties available for sale and be part of the valuation of Santa Marta

2. in the NY Times Thanks to the quality information we provide in our site, We received last month a request from the NY Times to make a note about the Colombian real estate market. A beautiful house located in Villa de Leyva was the lucky property chosen to be reviewed by the NY Times section “Great Homes and destinations”.

See the complete article For sale in...Colombia in the NY Times

Ironically, I had not created yet a page about Villa de Leyva. So to be fair with this beautiful town, here it is the new Villa de Leyva page, I have included as another Colombian hot spot.

Check also the new properties for sale in Villa de Leyva

3. Medellin hosts the 50th annual assembly of the IDB (Interamerican Development Bank) from March 26.


“Everything I have seen reinforces the idea that this it is a type of place where we can show our investments and its results, and how these can make a great difference”.
Bill Gates, President of Microsoft Corporation, during his visit to Colombia.
“Being in Colombia makes me think what happiness is. In Europe, where we supposedly have everything, people do not smile as they smile in this country, where apparently they have so little.” Rupert Eden, journalist of the newspaper and the magazine Voyeur of Barcelona.

Definitely, it will be the most important event ever held in Medellin. It will also further help change Medellin's image from the one it had in the 1980's when it was the crime-ridden home of the world's largest drug trafficking cartel to one it is gaining today as one of the world's leading urban models.

In addition to 4,000 foreign visitors, the assembly is expected to attract 1,000 Colombians. Some 2,500 police will be on hand to take care of security. The IDB Board of Governors Medellín 2009 has created great interest within the invitees, to such point that 41 days before the Assembly, the hotel booking is beginning to show the first signs of saturation. This is given to the celebration of the 50 years of the IDB, “the crisis of the globalization era” that becomes a matter of interest and analysis, and the expectation that Colombia generates with its transformation and geographical beauty, a country that has been described by Tony Blair like “a shining point in today’s world”. Good news for those who have invested in Medellin, without any other reason than been attracted by its beauty and the warmth of its people. Undoubtedly it will be the gateway for other big events to be conducted not only in Medellin, but in other Colombian cities.


Chalet made of Bambu in Armenia - Coffe region

“Mar de plata” House in Bellohorizonte area in Santa Marta

House in El retiro farm en Medellin

House in Bucaramanga- Ruitoque golf condominio

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