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What this crisis is teaching us?
March 23, 2020

7 lessons from staying at home

Bucaramanga, March 23 2020

Hey, Mauricio here

First of all I want to wish you a healthy stay at home. Some have the fortune to be with their beloved ones, some have to be alone, as my boy's case in Bogotá. But every one of us is taking the responsibility with our communities to prevent spreading this virus.

Despite all the misinformation, If you allow me, I would like to invite you to think in the Good things that this situation is bringing us. Yes! There are many good ones. Just think about it. There are many positive outcomes we can take out of all of this.

And I'm not talking about financial opportunities, or money issues.

I just want to share with you couple of thoughts that I ended up resuming in seven positive things this specific time is teaching us, and Why we should pay attention to them:

1. It’s teaching us, to slow down our 12 hour daily rat race, and value our time most not for the sake of money or a specific end, but to improve ourselves.

2. It's teaching us to be a family again. Have Mom and Dad with their kids at home, and not letting schools or external institutions to educate them.

3. It's teaching us that we can pass from being discriminators, to be the discriminated ones. No matter social status, if you’re a Hollywood star, or a third world farmer.

4. It's teaching us the real value of common things what we have missed just interacting only in social media. Hugging, Kissing, shaking hands, interacting with real people, going to the supermarket, to gather together in real presence.

5. It's teaching us that Instead of thinking in ourselves, now we must think in the common wellbeing, join together to fight a common enemy no matter race, country, and gender.

6. It's teaching us, to be responsible with our community. The wellbeing of others depend of our actions.

7. It's teaching us, to start thinking Instead of How or why this happen, to what can I learn from this.

Those are the ones I came up with, but I'm sure you have many more. I invite you to post them and share it as well with other members of our community, that believe like you, we only can bypass this global crisis, coming back to the basics.

I invite you to Join our Facebook group and share it in our community.

Now we need more positive words than ever.

Much respect & appreciation.

Mauricio J.


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