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You might come up with the idea of international living. Maybe retire in Colombia is the last thing you can think of. Yes, we used to have a lot of problems, I 'm honest with that, but we are 40 million people that have to deal with the same problems as any other country in the world.

U.S. families have their kids fighting in Iraq against terrorism, we have our young soldiers fighting in the jungle for the same reason (and expectancy for ongoing peace process); unsecurity in New York could be higher than Bogota or Medellin; drug consumption is higher in Europe than in Colombia; South Africa, Venezuela, Jamaica and Brazil have more gun murders than Colombia, but that is not portrayed in the media. Currently kidnappings are lower in Colombia than Haiti and Mexico just to mention other countries.

And I can keep coming up with all the problems we have to deal in this modern era. But all of this contrasts with the country's tremendous assets: Its democracy and constitutional tradition, a record of stable economic management and performance, educational, cultural, and scientific progress.

Why not to give the chance to a country that can offer you low costs of living, quality of life, outstanding landscapes, gently people all in one?. Discover the great things Colombia has to offer

So what's life in Colombia like? What are the people like? How's the food? How much does it cost? Well these are the kind of questions that can only be answered by being here. Even just for a couple of weeks. Don't let the negative publicity spoil a wonderful trip.

New sensations, limitless possibilities, new and exciting beginnings may lie here for you.

Advantages of retire in Colombia

Unique location at the North West corner of South America, two seas, Andean mountains, west plains, green valleys.

Cost of living. Attractive affordable costs for a high quality of retirement life. Lower cost of living does not mean you have to sacrifice the quality of life you have been accustomed to in the United States or Canada. In fact, you will probably be able to live in Colombia with even more luxuries than you are accustomed to, simply because the prices are so economical.

The property market offers significant bargains, comfortable lifestyle can be enjoyed in Colombia on just a fraction of what you'd spend in much other parts of the world. Having a devaluated money is more an advantage than a disadvantage. And it always has to be this way. Long term Country policies are focus on strengthening export and international trade so the Peso has to be devaluated in order to gain economic competitiveness.

Accessibility to commercial facilities where you can supply your daily necessities. Large supermarket chains are already settled in most Colombian cities (French retail chains like  Groupe Casino who bought local retail chain "Exito" and Chilean Jumbo have stores in all major cities). They carry a wealth of local and imported groceries and general articles.

Climate diversity. You can choose whatever to fit your needs. If you want you can feel the four seasons whenever time of the year.

Healthcare factor. An extensive modern private healthcare infrastructure is available around Colombia. You can buy a health insurance for half the cost than in the US. Hospitals and clinics count with up-to-date articulate medicine, trained doctors, technology, and equipment. Among many others health care institutions, we boast to have in Bogotá the Barraquer Clinic, an internationally recognized eye clinic where an innovative laser technology for surgical purposes was devised; Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia, one of the most advance institutions in Latinamerica for heart disease treatment; Fundacion Oftalmologica FOSCAL, specialized in advanced optical surgery, both of them located in Bucaramanga. Famous argentine soccer player Diego Maradona chose Cartagena in 2005 to make his gastric-by-pass surgery that made him lost about 100 pounds. In 2007 he returned to Bogota to have a dental aesthetic treatment. And not only famous people has considered Colombia to have medical surgery, also common people from around the world comes here because of low cost and the quality of the results.

Simplicity of establishing in Colombia. Foreign investment is welcome in Colombia and consequently foreign investors have the same rights as colombian national. The National government will approve a legislature package (The second Housing law) to encourage foreign families to invest and retire in Colombia. They want to attract the huge number of retirees from the U.S and Europe. Today countries with coastal cities like Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama hoard this market. We have realized that Colombia has equal or even better advantages for retirement than some of those countries. Right now foreigners can purchase homes, invest, and run any business with no other limitations than the same for locals, and may obtain full ownership titles.

Ecotourism attractions. Colombia is the No. 1 bird watching spot in the world. At the Pacific coast you can do whalewatching, scuba diving, snorkeling as well as at the Caribbean Coast. You will find, wherever you decide to live, different spots for outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding) supported by spring weather all year round.

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The distance. About three hours flight from a Miami or Atlanta to Bogota, Medellin or Cali.

The friendly nature of Colombian people. This is our most valuable asset. People is friendly with foreigners. Even if you don't speak Spanish, people in the streets will make their effort to understand you.

Blessed with tropical, subtropical regions. We produce all kind of fruits and vegetables in abundance. Fresh products and exotic fruits are available daily in the markets around the country. You'll be surprised to taste delicious fruits you can even heard off.

Technology infrastructure. High internet accessibility is due in part to the fact that Colombia maintains the third-highest telephone density in Latin America, ahead of Brazil and Mexico.

Take the time to explore a new place, give us the opportunity to show you the real part of this beautiful country. Discover all the opportunities for a safe and productive retirement in Colombia. 

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