Apartment in Galán for sale! Great investment property!

by Omar Sekhri
(Bogota )

The apartment in Galán is 53 square meters. It has 2 bedrooms, one bath, remodeled kitchen, large living room, and a great view of the eastern mountains. A grade school is being built nearby and the area is being developed exponentially. The asking price is $180 million Colombian pesos which is around $50,000 US dollars at the current rate of exchange of $3,617 Colombian pesos to $1 US dollar.

The property has been rented out for the last 10 years but the owner has decided to sell it. She was renting it out for $900,000 pesos a month which would bring in any potential investor $10,800,000 pesos a year. That would be an annual return of 6% a year which would be the equivalent of any return of a medium risk investment portfolio. However, the property value will continue to go up through the years so this property would be an excellent investment. Please call 318 662 8796 or write to info@myfivestarenglish.com for more information!!!

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