Take a small Bogota tour and pick your favorite location

Making an entire Bogota tour to see places where you want to live

could take you weeks. Maybe you won’t have that much time.

Don't worry I did that job for you, so just go directly to the point. I made a short description of some of the best areas in Bogotá with good living facilities as starting point for your real estate search.

How To be Located

Start your city tour, locating yourself. The most common point of reference to locate in Bogotá is the East Mountains. The city is flanked by mountains to the east. The airport is located at the East. So when you arrive to Bogota and after going out to the airport, the first thing you can do is asking a Taxi driver where the Sanctuary of Monserrate is, and he’ll show you the east mountains. Then you know your’e going in the right way.

The streets of Bogotá have been laid out as a grid pattern. That’s a Spanish legacy. They are primarily named with numbers. The “Carreras” (like avenues) run parallel to the mountains and they start counting in ascending order from east to west. For example Carrera 7th is almost close to the bottom of the eastern hills. You’ll see abbreviations as Cr, K and Crs.

The Calles (streets in English) cross the Carreras perpendicularly, and are counted in ascending order from south to North. You’ll find abbreviations as C, Cll and Cl. Others.

There are also Diagonales, they run diagonally east-west like the Calles; and the Transversales also run diagonally but south-north. Avenues, abbreviated as Av, are usually larger than “Carreras”. They are usually identified by names like Avenida Jimenez, Avenida Caracas, Avenida Circuvanlar, etc.
Oops!, it sound a little confuse. Nevermind, the only thing you have to know is where you’re standing and where you want to go, and you’ll see that it’s not complicate.

NORTH neighbourhoods




Santa Barbara



Cerros de Suba

Colina Campestre

170 Street and surroundings

Niza y Alhambra


Centro Internacional

La Candelaria


Ciudad Salitre


Goes South to North from the 134 Street to the 170 Street, and West to East from 7th Avenue (Carrera Séptima) to the North Highway (Autopista Norte).

60% is strata 4. (The strata qualification - 1 the lower and 6 the upper) is a way to rate public utilities, in resume wealthiest sectors has to pay more to subsidize lower sectors).

It has been traditionally a residential community (for upper-middle and average classes) combined with commercial activities. Its main road axes concentrate a great commercial dynamics that offers all kinds of services and products. One particular advantage is the abundant existing road netting in the area. It allows the easy traffic inside its perimeters and a fast mobilization toward other points of the city.

Real estate facts

Apartments for rent in strata 3 to 4 have the highest rotation. Rental prices increase their value in 9% average, one of the highest in the city. The major real estate supply for brand new projects is at residential community buildings, with apartments of two and three bedrooms. The peaceful environment and the urban infrastructure inside the neighbourhoods, provides the same confort to their residents as those in higher stratas.

Shopping Malls

Centro Comercial Cedritos.
Diagonal 151 No. 32-19
200 retail and services stores, 8 movie theathers, 2 department stores, children playground, food court, Casino.

Centro Comercial Mazuren
Autopista Norte No. 150-46
193 retail and services stores, banks, 1 department store.

Bilingual Schools

Fundacion Colegio de Inglaterra (English School)

Gimnasio Femenino

Colegio Anglo Colombiano

Colegio Anglo Frances Campestre

Colegio Princeton

Colegio Rochester

Colegio Thomas Jefferson

Colegio Santa Francisca Romana

Colegio Italiano Leonardo Davinci - (Italian)


Fundacion Cardioinfantil
Cll. 163 a No. 28-60

Clínica Monserrat
Cll 134 No. 30-31

Cra. 22 No. 139-55

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Goes South to North from the 72 Street to the 100 Street, and West to East from 7th Avenue (Carrera Séptima) to the 15 Street.

70% population is strata 6.

This is the neighborhood of the famous Parque de la 93. It is the only area that people recommends at the forums as this was the “navel of Bogotá”. Well, It is also one of my favorites areas in Bogotá since I lived there in three different parts. But is not the only one where you can live comfortable.

It is considered as one of the most exclusives and traditional areas for business and housing and also the one with highest value increase. That’s why it concentrates the better restaurants, bars, fashionable stores and other commercial services in Bogotá.

The best route to move easily in public transport is the Transmilenio route at the North Highway. In secondary routes it is also easy but in normal public Buses. What you can do best is to take a “Bus ejecutivo”. Otherwise you will have an uncomfortable stand up and overcrowded ride.

People living in the area enjoy of large shopping centers, superstores and all kind of medical, religious, recreational, and educational services. Also a great network of biking routes, parks that connects with other important areas of the city.

One of the issues at the zone is traffic. Well this is a issue all around Bogotá, but at the Chicó can get you nuts. You can find yourself stuck in peak hours (early in the morning, noon and end in the afternoon) feeling like you are not moving at all, and seeing everybody using their cars like in a battlefield. You will need to be patience. Although the sector is surrounded by high arterial ways, they are not enough to attend the high traffic that bears.

Real Estate Facts

You can find luxury apartments for sale and for rent from 90 to 300 square meters. Likewise, the renting for business purposes in skyscraper buildings with high-tech specifications are based in the most important road axes.

Four of the major business districts are focused at 72 st ( Avenida Chile), 82, 94 and 100 streets (World Trade Center). At these areas there is a mix of residential living, hotels, banking and commercial establishments and diplomatic headquarters - There are more than 50- .

At the 7th Avenue just besides the east hills you can find a sort of luxury apartment complex, with high amenities specifications and also the most expensive in the area.

Because of those characteristics, corporate, commercial, and residential real estate in the area have the most higher demand not only for national buyers but to foreign investors. Consequently, the asking prices are increased to a fast rhythm. More than 10% annual average for the last 5 years.

Shopping Malls

200 exclusive retail and services stores, 4 movie theaters, Cine Bar, food court, Casino.

Calle 81 Carrera 14
A small shopping place with fancy stores, food court and Cinemark. At the ground level is the Bogota’s Hard Rock Café.

Avenida Chile (Cll. 72) No.10-34
150 small retail and services stores, 4 movie theaters, children playground.

Restaurants and Bars

You will hear people to talk about the G , T or Pink Zone. Don’t worry these are not red light districts, even it sounds something like that. The T Zone, formerly known as Pink Zone – Zona Rosa- is the area that meets some of the best restaurants and bars of all kind in the City. It is the area surrounding the Centro Andino mall between 82 and 85 street. Sometimes people tend to confuse the Zona Rosa area with 93 Park because they have the same type of places. Although they are separated by just a few blocks away, if you go by car at 10:00 p.m you can take hours. The best thing to do is to find a parking spot centrally located and walk around freely.

At the Zona G you can find the most variety of restaurants. Chinese, Italian, Colombian, light, French, Seafood, etc, all just a few steps the one to the other. This area is between 69 to 72 streets and up the 7th Avenue. The G Zone was named for “Gourmet” and “Gastronomy” and the Zone T has that name because is an intersection of two walking streets. Pretty original uh?.

Bilingual Schools

Liceo Frances Louis Pasteur
Calle 87 No. 7-77

Colegio Nueva Granada
Cra. 2 Este No. 70-20


Clínica del Chicó
Carrera 21 No.90-59

Centro Médico Antiguo Country
Cra. 18 No. 84-10

Clinica Barraquer
Av 100 No. 18A-51

Clinica del Country
Cr.16 No. 82-57

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Goes South to North from the 116 Street to the 134 Street, and West to East from 7th Avenue (Carrera Séptima) to the North Highway (Autopista Norte).

In the middle of this area you can find the Country Club, a traditional private social community founded in 1917. Its facilities include 30 tennis courts, one for Polo and two Golf courses. The Club influenced the wealthy development of the area. 100% population is strata 5 and 6. This is a primary residential neighbourhood.

In recent years there has been heated discussions between the inhabitants of the sector and the municipal government, because there is a public project to convert the Country Club in an open public park. There are a lot of economic and politic interests involved, but I think it is a daring proposal and it’s no so far to become real.

Real estate profile

Apartments with more than 110 square meter area in residential buildings; houses in closed communities with high specifications and social areas rules the supply of the sector.

In this area is where the Unicentro mall is located. It was the first shopping mall in Colombia, and still reminds as one of the most important in Bogotá. Recently the international spanish retail chain ZARA made a deal to settle its first store in Colombia at a 1.200 square meter local at Unicentro . This property was valued at COP$20.000.000 square meter! (about US$100.000 square feet). Not bad for a Mall with more than 30 years old.

Shopping Malls

305 retail and services stores, 2 department stores. You can find whatever you need. National and interantional stores. Banks, 8 movie theathers, children playgrounds, travel agencies, restaurants, bowling, leather shops, art galleries, Music stores, and Casino.

Bilingual Schools

Colegio Helvetia
Calle 128 No. 58-91


Clinica La Sabana
Av. 19 No. 102-71

Clínica El Bosque
Cll. 134 No. 12- 55

Cra. 31 No. 125A – 23

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Santa Barbara

At Santa Bárbara you can find one of the seven business districts of the City. The 116 street with 7th Avenue is the place where several national and international companies have their corporate offices. The Radisson Hotel and Hacienda Santa Barbara Mall are also there. 60% population is strata 6.

This area used to be the municipality of Usaquén , and old colonial town founded by indian natives. Later it was absorbed by the city’s expansive growth. Today, at the environs of its historical center – 119 street with Carrera 5ª- remains some tracks of the colonial and republican architecture. Painters, sculptors, jewelers, photographers and collectors of antiques live there. To the West are districts of elegant houses and apartments.

This part is an oasis in the city. To get there, going to the north by the Carrera 7th, few blocks ahead of the Hacienda Santa Barbara cross to the left and go straight up. Go to the tiny central park and have lunch at any of the restaurants there. You will feel the peace and the quitness of country little town.

Real estate facts

It is an exclusive area where houses and apartments of generous areas characterize the real estate supply. The real estate market is focused in renting apartments of more than 100 square meters and the sale of luxurious houses for upper classes. One of the urban characteristics of the area is presence of several small parks or the so called “green areas”.

Shopping Malls

Carrera 7 No. 115-60
More than 300 retail and services store, restaurants, supermarket, food court, banks, etc. Its colonial arquitecture and its air open style, makes it one of my favorites. If you want to buy Colombian handcrafts this is the place to go. You can find a variety of jewelry, watch stores and silverware shops.


Fundacion Centro Medico Santafe
Cll 116 No.9-02

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