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When my foreign friends who has never known Bogota before ask me about the city, I always say that it is like any other capital city in the world with all the advantages and disadvantages of a big city. Likewise Bogota is completly different from any other Colombian city. That's what it make it special.

It has good and bad areas like any other one. When I was living in France I went to Paris and I stayed in a low budget student’s hotel, at the 18th “arrodissement”, and the street (maybe one of the few of Paris) was like some downtown similar one in Bogotá. 

I wasn´t luck with the hotel in Paris, but I can assure you that Bogotá and all Colombian cities are not that Hollywood image that unfortunately is what people might have.

Forget that “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” awful movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, showing a rural town among mountains, without buildings, streets of mud and no urban development. And the most funny of all a “Disco bar” with frightened chickens all over the place !!.

Bogotá has so far to offer. It has become one of the major cities in Latin America with a lot international taste. It is the primal destination for foreigners for obvious reasons. The country still has a very centralized structure, so if you want to reach a national scope you have to settle down in Bogotá.

Bogota Real Estate Facts

After a period of high increase, prices in Bogotá are starting to adjust.

Strata is determined by blocks. So don’t be amaze to find houses with different stratificaction in the same neighborhood.

Obviously there are some better areas than others, and distance between points becomes an important issue when buying or renting a place to live.

I focus on those areas with best living facilities more convenient for foreigners and also where concentrates the most Real estate development in the city.

These are the north and north east side of the city. However feel free to ask me where special area you want to know more about.

At the North



Santa Barbara
Chapinero Alto

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In the North East
170th street and surrounding
Cerros de Suba
Niza and La Alambra

North Surroundings Towns
In nearest surrounding towns at the north there are luxury complex with comfortable country style's houses. Chia, Sopo, Briceño, etc.

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