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Chia Cota Cajica Sopo


Filled with the magic of pre-Columbian history, Chia is one of the towns closest to the capital of Colombia. It was the birthplace of the Chibcha kingdom  in Cundinamarca and was ruled by warlords 

It was declared a national monument in 1967.

For its strategic location at the intersection of roads from east to west and for having been the route for independence campaigning  and 19 century civil wars,  Chía has been of interest to tourists

Its name comes from the Chibcha language and means "moon" or "month".

The town is located at the north of Bogota on the road to Zipaquira. It is the headquarters of important schools and Universities like The University of La Sabana. 

For its proximity to Bogota (2.7 km), Chia has become the largest "suburb" of Bogotá, and now it is part with other municipalities, of the metropolitan area of Bogotá.

Besides, it has major commercial establishments and big retail chain supermarkets like Carrefour, Exito and Carulla, a big advantage compare to other Cundinamarca towns.

The municipality of Chía limits to the north with the Capital District of Bogota (with Usaquen and Suba neighbourhoods which they are almost united in its entirety) and the municipality of Cota (currently part of the suburbs of Bogota and Chia); on the west by the municipalities of Tabio and Tenjo, on the north by the municipalities of Cajica and east by the town of Sopo. 

To reach Chía there are modern avenues and highways from and to the Capital. You can get through the alternate rout to Cota, the North highway (Bus Public Service from the North Portal of Transmilenio $ 1,500 pesos), and the route of Zipaquirá and Cajica, in addition to many rural roads.

Chía, Cajica and La Calera are also nearby municipalities to highlight their enormous investments in number of homes that have been built for strata 5 and 6 and with prices higher than the 261 million pesos.

The availability of land for development, an environment of security  and benefits inherent in the space of these municipalities make them the best choice to develop high-end projects .

People are looking for houses, generous in space, green areas and a lot of tranquility.  In 2008 Cajica has been taking a lead in new developments, while Chía and La Calera remain as places where many people want to live.

Main Attractions
Castillo Marroquín.
Shopping Mall Chía (With more than 450 stores and best brands).
Shopping Mall Plaza Mayor.
Historical Center or Chía main square (In the city centre, with more than 1,000,000 m2.)
Park Center Chía.
Restaurant Andres Carne de Res,
Valvanera the Church located on the mountain West.
Pink Zone, commonly known as "La Colmena" -beehive-
World Adventure (Amusement Park)

Commercial and School facilities

Carrefour Chía (located on the main road in Sabana Norte Mall )
Carrefour 2 (soon)
Supermarket Colsubsidio - (upcoming) --
Carulla (Shopping Mall Chía cc)
The 3 Elephants (Shopping Mall Chía cc)
Olimpica 1 (Plaza Mayor cc)
Olimpica 2 (Autonorte via Tunja)
Homecenter - (upcoming) --
Gym Bodytech (Plaza Mayor cc)
Sincromotors (Dealer)
McDonals (Av. Pradilla)
Clinical Marly - (upcoming) --
University Clinic Teleton
Colleges (Montemorel, Stella Matutina, Trinidad del Monte, Los Caobos, Nacional Diversificado, Jose Juaquin Casas, GICEI, María Auxiliadora)
University of La Sabana
Catholic University of Colombia.
University of Cundinamarca.
Andres Carne de Res (Restaurant)


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