Colombia city guide with best hot spots for buying Real Estate

Do you know enough about Colombia's local real estate market?  Find here a Colombia city guide with some information and Real estate facts about the Colombian Cities where you're expecting to Buy a home.

This Colombia city guide contains a general description of the main Colombian local real estate markets. Those are cities I know and I've visited, but and I'm sure there are many other Colombian Hot Spots to include in this website.

Colombia City Guide: Pick your favorite place!

Bogotá is like any other country's capital in the world. Forget that "Hollywood" stereotype. It has so much to offer by far!. 

Bogota North Towns like Chia, Cota, Sopo, Cajica and La Calera are another great option for people looking for a quiet environment. Their peaceful, enviable fresh air and its closeness to Bogotá, make of these towns an ideal place whether for living or weekends getaways. 

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One of the most popular Colombia cities. Traditionally known as the "City of the Eternal Spring".
Well known not only in Colombia but all over the world for its beautiful women. In the middle of the capital of the Antioquia department, its surroundings towns are other alternative for nature lovers.

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A great world-class location. And also the hottest realty market. Romantic, magic, glamorous

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Bucaramanga has not been left out of real estate boom in Colombia. It's a privilege location surrounded by outstanding areas of forest and mountains. It is also the city where I live and work. I invite you to check my company's website.

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The most visited Colombian tourist destination. Great beaches, white sand, good hotel infrastructure and outstanding landscapes, makes of the city a privilege location.

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Barranquilla, the cheaper square meter among the four main Colombian cities but also with the steadiest real estate growth in the Caribbean coast.

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Colombia's third larger city located at the south western region, is known as the Worl Salsa Capital.

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The most pintoresque colonial-era town declared historic heritage. Cobblestoned streets, red-tiled roofs, balconies and private courtyards gives an special feeling to visitors from all over the world.

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So, What's your Favorite Colombian City?

Of course there are other special Colombian places, towns, countrysides or cities that you have visited and you think it would be the perfect place to live or retire.

And each one of them with their particular charming. What better than reading it from those who have been there? Let us know your story!

Tell us about that special Colombian hot spot that fascinated you.

The Other Colombian City Guide - written for those who have been there!

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El Rodadero is just a paradise in the Caribean. The people, the culture, the music, the food, and the diversity of visitor from all over makes it a …

Norte del Valle del Cauca - Uninhibited Safety 
This is one of the peaceful regions of Colombia and breathtaking. I love it so much, that in 2007 I bought my first property (two-family home) in Obando …

Porque Invertir en Villavicencio? 
Porque es un llano de sol sin límites; por lo hermoso de sus paisajes, sus costumbres y tradiciones, su música, su baile y su deliciosa gastronomía. Los …

Medellin life 
Medellin is large enought to have all modern conviences, but also you have the nice sections of the city, Shopping is expensive but no more so than Canada, …

Usaquen in Bogota, Colombia 
Experiencing Colombia, for me, is about experiencing the local markets and neighborhoods, getting to know the people who live there, and enjoying the friendly …

Lago Calima near Cali Colombia an overlooked gem 
Travelling to colombia over 20 times in the past 5 years , visiting all the major "HOT SPOTS " you have listed including San Andres . I married a calenia …

King of Barranquilla 
I looked at Mexico, Central America and then Colombia. Closest thing to USA in molls, cars and great place to be. Barranquilla is ideal because it is located …

Real estate values in Medellin Colombia Not rated yet
The leafy high-end area of El Poblado in particular is a great place to sip coffee or enjoy a nice meal next to one of the many streams that gurgle down …

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Whether you are looking for a Caribbean real estate investment or vacation home, your dollars will go far in the beach coast town of Santa Marta, Colombia …

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Described by the famous novelist Joseph Conrad in NOSTROMO, Santa Marta goes beyond your expectations. Surrounded by the world's highest mountain near …

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Because it is a flat land of sunshine without limits, so beautiful in its landscapes, its customs and traditions, music, dance and delicious cuisine. …

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