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Invest the most important 10 minutes of your time. This is what it takes you to fill in the Colombia property search form..., but just if you have a clear idea of what you want.

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We want to make things easy for you. Instead of having endless listings of properties to browse, we want to help you find the property you're looking for. We have teamed up with Professional Realtors in different Colombian cities, expert in their local market, to support your search.

If you are not sure of what you're looking for, take a little more time to discuss with your family or with your pillow about the type of home you would like to buy.

By filling out this form, you agree that the information supplied can be shared with associate network of professional realtors, according to the local area they served. 

Your email address and other information will not be used for any commercial purpose.

This service is free, there are no fees or charges. The only thing we ask from you is your commitment and honesty as a buyer. If you decide to buy a property suggested by any of our associates, we only would ask you to state that it was possible thanks to

  • Please be precise when you fill in your Search for Colombian Property Form . This will save you time and that from people who want to help you.
  • We want that you can come to Colombia knowing that you won’t waste your time watching properties that do not fulfill your expectations.
  • Include in the general comments bar, any other specific information not included in the form in order to obtain more effective results.
  • Triple check your e-mail address. This will save you to fill in the form twice!.

Your feedback is VERY important. If you feel that some changes are necessary or other details that you think might be included in this Form, use the comment bar to ask for it. Are you ready?...

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Next Step in your Colombia Property Search

I'm aware that real estate agents in Colombia are generally more efficient when sourcing a property "around the corner" than one in an area in which they are not involved on a daily basis.

In that sense, we have a network of real estate professionals with whom I can put together my experience and knowledge in the real estate business and foreign investment, with their expertise on their local market.

All Colombia realtors within our network realize the importance of customer care and are keen to match your desired Colombia Property in their particular area.

Your time and ours is very valuable. So, by taking a few minutes to fill in our Property search form, we can make targeted search.

This will save you time once you're here in Colombia and in the same way we will know that you are a serious buyer and you will not make us lose the time of our collaborators either.

Once we have received your request, associate agents who are familiar with the local real estate market in each Colombian city will quite simply be in the best position to match your specific requirements and will send us a list of properties and alternatives according to your request.

You decide with whom you want to work with according to the quickness in the response, the type of service they provide, the properties they have in offer, etc.

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