Colombia realtors referral network

In we are aware that real estate agents and Colombia realtors are generally more efficient when sourcing a property "around the corner" than one in an area in which they are not involved on a daily basis.

Under this premise we are creating a network of real estate professionals with whom we can put together my experience and knowledge in the real estate business and foreign investment, with their expertise on their local market.

This is not just another listing of Colombia realtors. Those are real people like me whom you can talk to in a personal and secure manner, and make businesses with total transparency.

We share the same philosophy which is to provide professional real estate services to the international visitor. Forget all the problems you've had in the past with non ethical people. Our first concern is to change the old perception of real estate profession in Colombia.

All Colombia realtors within our network realize the importance of customer care and are keen to match your desired Colombia Property in their particular area.

Your time and ours is very valuable. So, In order to assure you a targeted search, please take a few minutes to fill in our Property search form. This will save you time once you're here in Colombia and in the same way we will know that you are a serious buyer and you will not make us lose our time either.

Once we have received your request, an associate agent who is familiar with the local real estate market in each Colombian city will quite simply be in the best position to match your specific requirements and will send you a list of properties and alternatives according to your request.

You decide with whom you want to work with according to the quickness in the response, the type of service they provide, the properties they have in offer, etc.

Take in mind that this is a referral network. You can visit several properties from different Colombia realtors , but once you decide what you want to buy, there is only one company who you finally will close the deal with.

We track every property request and the company that are referred to. If there is any problem with the service provided with any of the companies associated, please use my contact form to let me know inmediatly.

My professional integrity is at stake. This is our "circle of trust" and we want to keep it like that. So, feel free to tell us how can we improve our service.

If you are a serious and professional Colombia Realtor and want to be part of, the fastest growing Colombian network of real estate professionals, you can contact me to discuss how we can work together and help each other to serve the international market.

Include your company profile in our Colombia Realtors Directory here.

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Do you want to be found by our international visitors? Include your profile in the Colombia Realtors Directory!

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See what other Colombia Realtors have shown

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