Excellent opportunity in San Pedro one hour from the city of Medellin

by Sofia Medina
(Medellin, Antioquia, CO)

Excellent investment in a town near Medellin, San Pedro is one of the most beautiful towns of Colombia... we have for you just 4 apartments available, 3 of the apartments has 52 square meters, each with a bathroom, good space for kitchen , living room, and two big restrooms.

The other one is an apartment of two levels, 3 big restrooms, 2 bathrooms and the most beautiful view of the town. the 52 square meters apart.

Just cost $95 mill COP (USD33,000) and the 2 levels apartment just $160 mill COP (usd56,000).

Please let me show you this beautiful town in Colombia !
Date of Post: 12/06/2018

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