Hermosa finca en el Quindío- Eje Cafetero

by Daniela Salcedo

It has an excellent location and climate in the coffee region, 15 minutes from Quimbaya and 15 minutes from Filandia-Quindío. It consists of a one-story house: 3 bedrooms with a private bathroom each, dining room, and kitchen with excellent finishes. Also with iron to make the second floor. It has an additional house with two floors to condition to taste. This has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and cellar. The farm has a kiosk, crops in the production of plantain, avocado, banana, and a variety of fruit trees (Lemon, Guanabana, mango, orange, passion fruit, maracuba, arazá, papaya, sapote, red pitanga). It also has its own water source, assembly in material for animal husbandry, and assembly in guadua for vermiculture. The sector is safe and quiet for ecotourism.

Área: 2.5 Ha = 25,000 m2
Price: $ 450,000,000 negotiable.
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