Hernando Palacios. Acacias-Meta

by Hernando Palacios
(Acacias, Meta, Colombia)

Ofrezco grandes oportunidades de Negocio en el Departamento del Meta. Nuestro Departamento es uno de los mas extensos de Colombia con un área de 85.770 km² y es esencialmente ganadero. Ofrezco diversos terrenos, urbanos y rurales; ideales para construir hoteles, condominios, parques recreativos; además magnificas fincas agrícolas y ganaderas.

! In the eastern plains: Tourist Paradise! Discover the great things it has to offer.

Our Department of Meta is one of the most extensive in Colombia with an area of 85,770 km ², equivalent to 7.5% of national territory and is just 89.9 miles south of the capital.

Water is abundant because of the many rivers that cross the department and which are borned in the Eastern Cordillera. It is essentially farm livestock and local culture which revolves around the farm and the dairy. The department has traditionally been recipient of immigrants from other regions of the country and the world, a factor that has enriched the Colombian identity.

Coming to this region 53 years ago as a carrier for many years I had the opportunity to travel to different cities, and I fell in love with their beautiful and extensive flat landscapes, the sunsets, the human quality of people, a wonderful climate, its great cattle ranches, many virtues in order to enumerate which would not end.

Being in the business of Real Estate has been a very enriching experience for my life, to help people find exactly what they want, to see their happy faces, that is precisely what I am proud of.

Let me show you our large farms and ranches, houses, diverse urban and rural land, ideal to build hotels, condominiums, recreational parks. !

Are Great business opportunities that can not pass up!

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