La Villa dell’amante

by Alessandro
(La Mesa de los Santos, Santander CO)

La Villa del enamorado (ESP) - The Villa of the Lover (ENG)
One night, sitting alone in his hotel room, with nothing but a glass of wine and the distant sound of the bustling city, he felt something was missing.

After 15 years as an important executive of a fashion multinational, traveling the world, meeting hundreds of people, he knew that he wanted a change, but he was not sure what or how it could happen.

On one of his trips, attending a convention on the exotic Colombian Caribbean island of “San Andrés”, he met a beautiful Colombian psychologist who was also attending another convention.

Love at first sight sounds like a cliché, yet sometimes you don't need a lifetime to know what you want. It only takes a feeling, an instant moment. Both shared the same life project. Then, he quickly realized that there was the answer to his questions.

He decided to quit his job, go after his love, and start a new life in a new country, Colombia.

He built this beautiful house, with details and passion also recalling the medieval Tuscan-style brick facade typical of the wine-growing area of the villas in his hometown of Sienna in Italy, in the Tuscany region.

Ten years have passed since, what he calls a crazy adventure from a man in love, however the story continues. Now that kids are growing fast, they want to start a new project as well, but this time next to beach, where this story began, knowing that love is the only thing they need for the rest of their lives.

If you want to know about the property that inspired this story:
The House

The Land

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