Living in Colombia: Plenty of reasons to stay!

Have you ever thought of living in Colombia? First time you hear about Colombia?

If you are plannig to move to Colombia, you may already have a reason for loving this country. I'm sure you do. So, you don't need to continue reading,  Why don't you take a few minutes to share your experience  with us? 

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Caño Cristales - the seven color's River

The Chicamocha Canyon in Santander Region

Its colourful landscapes, the warmth of its people. Not to talk about the magic of the old Cartagena, the beautiful tiny colonial streets of Villa de Leyva and Giron; the taste of its unique variety of typical food. And that is what we miss the most when we are out from Colombia.

if you only know about Shakira's dancing style... Did you know that:

We have the longest coast at the Caribbean

We are the world's number one in birds species ( 1.815)

World's number one in butterflies ( 14.000 species)

World's number one in Orchids (3.000 families)

World's number one country in wasteland areas (Páramos)

We boast to have the second oldest airline formed in the world (Avianca).

Colombia is the longest established democracy in South America. Believe it or not!

Santa Marta's Sierra Nevada - Source: Colombia Magia Salvaje Movie

Magdalena's River - Source: Colombia Magia Salvaje Movie

Chiribiquete Jungle - Source: Colombia Magia Salvaje Movie

Medellin at Night

"If you want to know the Caribbean, go to Cuba or the Dominican Republic;

if you want to know the Pacific Ocean, go to Chile;

if you want to know the Andean Mountains, go to Ecuador;

if you want to know the Amazon Jungle, go to Brazil;

if you want to know pre-columbian cultures, go to Mexico or Peru;

but if you want to know all of those in just one place, go to Colombia"

From a Travel Agency in France. Source: Colombia es Pasion

Colombia has so much to offer to foreigners. I can tell you for sure that once you visit Colombia you will change the image of you were used to have.

What I like the most about living in Colombia is its geographic diversity. When you are traveling by car it's easy to change dramatically from a freezy Andean weather to the soft warm breeze of a Colonial town.

That's why we don't have the seasons. You can decide anytime you want, where to enjoy that particular sense that make each season special for you.

And it's not uncommon to find such contrasts all over the country. Even on the Caribbean coast you can find a snow mountain right next to the sea! (La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta).

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If you are one of those who are already living in Colombia, we would like to hear your experience!

Have A Special Reason for living in Colombia?

What was that special reason you had to fell in love with Colombia?. It was the weather, the landscapes or the food?. Of course you can also tell us your great love story with a Colombian/a.!!

Why don't you share it with us? I’m sure there are a lot of people who will identify with your experience and will love to read about it!

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For those of you considering living in Colombia, My congratulations!!. You will not regret it!.

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