Many reasons for visiting and living in Colombia

by Mauricio

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-I'm 45 yers old and Colombia has many atractions for me, specially Medellin for its weather, business posibilties, the women, the many recreational towns outside of Medellin and Colombia in general for its geografical position, its got two oceans, mountains, all kind of rivers, valleys, desserts, snow cap mountains, the jungles, the guerilla, AUC, government, (the last three make the Godfather seemed like a disney movie) for now I visit about three times a year but hoping to move for the most part next year. sheers!!.- Ferran-

-I am 67, retired and very happily married to a Colombiana. She was unhappy in the states so I brought her home. Then she could resume her close contacts with her wonderful family. As retirement drew close and I found out how little I would get from SSA, I decided I could have a better lifestyle here than in the US. I was right! Anyine who has visited me on my finca will concur I am sure.- Bill .-

-47 years young. Have been to Mexico, Spain, most of Central America, DR, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador. Colombia is the most intoxicating and enchanting. The other countries are interesting too but something about Colombia?
First went in 97 and have made 20 to 40 trips since. Met wife in Cali and we have two excellent daughters. Wife has been a bit of a pain the last several years. "El matrimonio es como el demonio!" I encourage new visitors to explore Bogota, Cartagena and San Andres before going elsewhere. (Nothing against Cali but I went there first and now don't think much of the place after going elsewhere! All roads lead to Bogota in Colombia sooner or later! Me thinks the ladies of Bogota are more mature as well!)
I come to this site because the best news and information seems to be here about Colombia. Would have liked to have lived in Latin America when younger but financial reasons make that somewhat impossible especially with young children.- Sanandressi-

-I think for me it boils down to four things:
1. the people (in general)
2. the women (in particular)
3. the culture
4. the slight element of danger

I'm 46, and until recently had only travelled to resorts in Florida, Cuba, Venezuela, the DR, and Mexico. Now that I'm divorced and my daughter is in university, I'm studying Spanish and looking to have travel experiences that are a little deeper, where I can hopefully venture off the tourist path a little bit, get to know people, and gain a better understanding of the cultures of the countries I visit.
London Ontario, where I live, is sometimes called Londombia because of the large influx of Colombian refugees and immigrants that have recently settled here. I've had the privelege of meeting many Colombians here, and there are now several Colombian festivals in the summer, 3 latin newspapers, a beauty contest, and many latin restaurants. So far either here or in Colombian everyone I've met exemplifies all the best characteristics of Colombianos: enjoyment of life, love of family, friendliness, love of music and dance, sense of humour, and hard working.
Everyone here knows why men love Colombianas, so there's no need for me to expand on that point much ... other than to say that I'm fortunate to have a novia that is a living stereotype of all their best qualities.
I have to confess that I'm becoming a bit of a travel snob. Part of the attraction of Colombia for me is that there are very few tourists, and most people think it's very dangerous (even the Colombians I know here tell me so!). It's interesting and a little challenging to try to get by without knowing the language or the culture well, and to stick out like a sore thumb everywhere because there is NO WAY anyone is going to mistake me for a Colombian!
I'll be in Barranquilla for New Year's ... can't wait to hop on that plane and feel the heat and humidity again ... I don't remember the last time I felt warm!- Whitey.-

-I'm 62, Widower, went a little crazy after my wife passed away and wound up in Colombia. Former life was pretty much decimated. Now, a new wife, family, love and a new life. Only my daughter and friends keep me going back to the US. Like most, went through a period of culture shock and adjustment. Oops! still going through it. Also, I can live on my SSec down here, but not in the States. A really beautiful country that I can't wait to see more of, but I'm a little more careful than a lot of gringos here.
I miss golf and being able to find whatever I need/want in the stores, but that's a 3-4 on a scale of ten. OK, maybe golf is a 6, but that will happen here in the future. I think I'm here for the long haul, but in Latin America, there are lots of surprises (Chavez, Politics, etc.) Mucha Suerte to all of you who have found your destiny here.- Bluesdude

What is your reason?

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