Medellin: "A paradise on earth"

Medellin is traditionally known as the "City of the Eternal Spring". The privilege of being surrounded by green mountains gives the city all year spring weather, proper for any activity. City's average temperature is 24° centigrade (74 °F).

Well known not only in Colombia but all over the world for its beautiful women. The "paisitas" enchant with their particular way of talking. Every time a friend comes to Colombia ask me to introduce him a "paisa" woman. 

That's quite of a burden for me. First, I don't live there and second I think my wife wouldn't be very happy if I spend all my time in this kind of activities just for my friends.

Also the city is known as "The Capital of the Flowers". Its traditional parade of "silleteros" at the annual "Flowers fair" is one of the most beautiful events in the world.

"Medallo" will also surprise you in its generous public spaces and the wealth of architecture in its buildings. You will find spaces which are lasting venues of a transformation which has not only been physical but also social and cultural in its implications.

Condominiums and homes in Medellin are cheaper than Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, the Caribbean and most parts of South America. Quality construction with excellent views can be found for $80-100 per square foot in the nicest part of of the town and for less in other very attractive neighborhoods. On a comparative basis Medellin is the least expensive of any major cosmopolitan city in the world.

The health care is excellent and many people are now coming to town for plastic surgery and dental work at 1/4th the cost in the US.

I like Medellín because is not as big as Bogotá but not as small as Bucaramanga. 

So if you are looking for a city with all the advantages of big one's, friendly as small one´s and with the perfect weather, don't think it twice.

Real Estate Facts in Medellin

Real estate prices in The City of flowers have rising steadly at a 12%-14% average rate for the last 5 years. The market is very active and is not speculative. As any other real estate market, location is important. The advantage here is that any zone is a good location!

Most of the price appreciation witnessed in the city has been driven by the stability in the local economy, a growing middle-class and Colombian-expats living abroad and investing in Colombia.

Districts with the highest demand for living are:

At the south-east: El Poblado

(The Village) is the financial center of Medellin and without comparison, the area with the greatest concentration of wealth. It's fascinating to think that about 100 years ago, the Prado barrio used to be the where the wealthy lived and can still be discerned from the old mansions in that neighborhood.

One special area within El Poblado is the area surrounding Parque Lleras, situated between Hotel Park 10 and the Dann Carlton just up from Parque el Poblado, this is without a doubt the hub for nightlife, glossy bars and restaurants. Always packed at night during the weekend but alternatively, a much quieter area to go during the day for lunch, to wonder around or sip a coffee at the new Juan Valdez cafá at the top of park.

This area has the highest prices per square meter of the city. Prices In this area could be around 2 to 2,5 million pesos per square meter, about USD80-100 per sq foot.

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At the east : Laureles y Belén (Loma de los Bernal)

I found this to be a very beautiful and quiet neighborhood with lots of shops, restaurants and green areas. Laureles is a quiet neighborhood composed of upper-middle class single family residents and upscale apartment complexes. It has remained somewhat off the radar, but I know several Americans that have purchased apartments in Laureles over the last few months. Laureles is also very close to both Calle 33 and La 70, a popular hangout for young Colombians, especially at night. Those who are looking for something different than Parque Lleras might find Laureles interesting.

Laureles is often noticeably warmer. Unlike El Poblado, it is also predominantly flat with plenty of sidewalks, although arguably less green.

Although it doesn't have a metro station, Laureles is well served by public transport. And despite a swarm of high rise condos and upmarket supermarkets, Laureles has many cheap restaurants and cafes.

Real estate prices in this zone are about 25% lower than they are in other neighborhoods like Poblado and Enviago.

At the North of Laureles is Bello. Bello is actually a city within a city and is comprised of 81 seperate barrios with mainly residential and mixed-use buildings. Bello is home to many furniture designers and manufacturers, both big and small and many of its residents work in this industry. 

Real estate prices in Bello are considerably lower than Laureles

At the south: Envigado

While El Centro can be too congested and polluted, or El Poblado too modern and almost boringly safe, Envigado dabbles in a little sophistication, but maintains its traditional Colombian charm. Indeed, it's a great place to sample some typical Colombian cuisine or check-out a laid back salsa bar. Envigado is technically a city in its own right and has its own mayor, football team, newspapers, etc. Indeed, it feels a little distinct from other parts of Medellin and more like a typical South American city with lots of low-rise buildings and bustling streets of people.


Even though it can be fairly congested and hotter than other higher, fresher parts of town, there are a number of things worth seeing in downtown Medellin. The Plaza Botero has sensational collection of statues donated by Fernando Botero himself. This, together with the Botero Museum are essentially the main tourist attractions of Medellin. Urban renewal has take place in Downtown and some developers are offering some attractive projects there.

Go Outside! - El Retiro and Llanogrande

Suburbs outside or near to the city are also very good option for living. Just 40 minutes from downtown Medellin and in the environs of the José María Córdova International Airport, you can find the quiet and peaceful surroundings of the countryside in the Llanogrande area. In LlanoGrande you can find country houses in safety and comfortable luxury housing projects. Areas like El Retiro just 30 minutes by car at the San Nicolas Valley have a complete urban development with commercial, educational and health services.

House in el Reiro Medellin
House in Llanogrande

Have you already visited Medellin before? Are you a real estate owner in Medellin? We want to know your impressions about visiting neighborhoods and your real estate buying experience in Medellin.  Just take a few minutes  and Share it here with us !. Other visitors interested in Medellin will like to read it for sure.

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