Never say never ! said Columbus , those that search shall find!

by Jorg
(Adelaide -Australia)

Hello ,I Am 46 my name is Jorg and Live in Australia for most of my life and 5 years in Stockholm, Sweden And thought my top most interesting places were Stockholm and London. But it wasnt untill I met my wife being Colombian that I realy understood the beauty of Americas and Colombia .
My intention was never to cross into South America due to the general press that one is used to hear about traveling there . So in the end i decided to make the journey and deal with my awaiting fate and was more surprised each day and after several weeks in Bogota and its Coffee Areas I was reluctant to leave back to Australia.

I became Addicted to the latin culture the warmth of the Colombian people and general beauty the country. I would absolutly class Bogota a World Class City that has all and sometimes more to offer than most modern Cities In Europe and the U.S.

My partner said you speak 4 languages but no Spanish , Looks like change is in the wind and I seriosly will think about relocating to live in Colombia and can see many opportunities available ,so my suggestion is keep an open mind to life and it might just suprise you too .Never say Never !

Thank you to the People of Colombia and the Americas , for there Warmth and hospitality.

Kind regards,

Jorg.S 20 th /June 2010

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