Never Thougt I Would Do This in Cali Colombia


Four years ago I married a Colombian lady in the USA. She is like you say beautiful in every way. And being from Cali we went for a visit. She led us on a tour of the city this took me back as the city is absolutely remarkable . There are historical and architectural events every where. This city is georgeous. People are helpful and friendly never felt uneasy or threatened. We were there for three weeks and enjoyed every day. I would however suggest you be careful. I have had a wonderful time here.

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Dec 10, 2019
live in Bogota
by: AnonymousHAROLD

We have property in Bogota also Chiquinquira and I'M always carefull. Beautiful country especially Boyaca

Nov 30, 2019
misconception of comment
by: Stephen

I don't believe he said it was dangerous, he just said be careful as you would do the same after dark in any American city.

Feb 03, 2010
About your post
by: Anonymous

I don't understand what do you want to mean. You describe an incredible experience in Cali but you say that is it dangerous?

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