Norte del Valle del Cauca - Uninhibited Safety

by Jose Luis Melendez
(Bronx, New York)

Panoramic view of  Obando

Panoramic view of Obando

This is one of the peaceful regions of Colombia and breathtaking. I love it so much, that in 2007 I bought my first property (two-family home) in Obando Valle. I am an American who has been traveling to Colombia and the small town ("pueblo") of Obando Valle for the past 10 years.

I love the laid-back and peaceful atmosphere of the town and the region. I love the surrounding towns of Ensermanuevo, Cartago, Zarzal, Toro, La Union and La Victoria.

This is going to be my retirement place. I am trying to organize 'ecotourism' to this region and the townspeople of Obando, the Mayor (Don Mario) and the Commandor of Police (Don Henry) are encouraging me to move forward with this project. I can offer "personal" accommodations to all who want to be pampered and treated like a king.

I am very much loved and appreciated by mostly everyone in this region, due to my longstanding commitment to them for the past 10 years. I've even had two children named after me (I am not kidding). Jose Luis and Juan Jose.

Look forward to working with travelers who like a personal touch to their vacations, along with "uninhibited safety".

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Jul 06, 2010
your experience
by: BCR Team

JDS, great to read comments about an experienced person who has touring the area. It would be nice also to know about your own experience. Feel free to post in detail about those grapes in La Union or that swimming in el Toro!

Jul 04, 2010
I agree with the comments
by: JDS

I agree. However is is not just Obando but all the small towns that surround Obando. La Victoria, Holguin, Zaragoza, Toro, La Union, Cartago, Cerritos, Ulloa, Alcala, and the neighboring Quindio region. I have come to the area since 2004 and believe this is the place to retire. It is as nice as Quindio, which is one hour away with a lower cost to retire.

Go to La Union to buy grapes, or Toro just to relax and swim, or if you have money, go and retire in Cerritos Risaralda. Fancy and nice.

Take a trip and love it.

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