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My name is Mauricio Jaimes, I'm a generation X guy. I was born in Bucaramanga, Santander Province. I'm married with a wonderful woman and I have three beautiful kids, which are the engine of my life.  I have a BSC degree in Industrial Engineering  from the Pontifica Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá in 1994, where I lived for 6 years. During this time I started with my first tries as a property investor looking for the right apartment where I would spend my college years.

The early years

My first working experience was at Las Villas Aval Group, a banking firm specialized in housing loans. When I ended my studies I returned to my hometown to work in the family business. My father had more than 40 years in the real estate and construction business, so I had the luck to have a great mentor in the industry. The company is called Urviviendas and it is focused on developing middle class housing projects, real estate, property investment and public works projects. At this family company, I have spent over 20 years of my professional experience, working in all phases of real estate development. I have been in the areas of procurement, Construction management, Project Management, Sales Management, and so on. I also have been involved in the creation of each homeowners associations and their governing documents for every project we have developed. Currently I serve as an advisory Board.

I also partnered as a real estate agent with one of the most important firms in Colombia specialized in offering International real estate investment in the US and Panama to Colombian investors.

Living Abroad

Being married and with two little babies, in 2000 I went to France to get a Master's degree in International Business from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in Grenoble, France. It was a wonderful one year and a half experience, not only for me but for all the family mainly for the kids.

The best of all were the friendships I made with people of different parts of the world and the way it made me have a more open mind with different cultures. 

I also know what it feels like to be a foreign person trying to find an apartment for a family, with low french speaking, and having an appendixe removal surgery three days after the arrival!!.

During my experience in the real estate and construction business, I've been in contact with a lot of Colombian people who live abroad and have bought a property mostly for relatives and so on. Some of them are married to a foreigner and we have helped them with their major concern: How to buy safely in Colombia as a foreign investor.

I noticed that there is a little, not to say any online information in English about the buying process in Colombia. Even If for local people require professional assistance, for people abroad and new who is the first time to come to the country, it is more difficult because they don't know the language, laws, local customs, neighbourhoods, etc.

That's why I created this website, to provide non-Spanish speakers the most accurate information about How to buy real estate in Colombia and help them throughout the process by offering my consultant services as a professional real estate agent.

I've always been fascinated with the internet as a powerful business tool, so I made a lot of research trying to find the way to combine my expertise with the advantages of the web.

Finally in the mids of 2007, I had the luck to find the best, powerful and most effective tool on the net that has allowed me to run my own online business.

This tool is called Site Build It!. Without it, you would not be reading me right now!

 We are "matchmakers" for buyers looking for information about the Colombian market and sellers who are offering properties in Colombia.


December 01/ 2007 Six months on the net, my site ranks 12 in Google for the keyword "Colombia real estate", among almost 10 million sites.

July 31/2008, we reached the number 1 rank in Google!!

March 11/2009, We have been interviewed by the New York Times in their real estate section " Great Homes and Destinations". Read the complete article here

March 13/2009, We had an interview in one of the most important radio network in Colombia, W Radio
Listen the interview in spanish at Mauricio Jaimes podcast at W Radio

May 31/2009, We reach the 12.000 unique visits per month

Jan 28/2010, New York Times Article about Bogota's Real estate market Colombia's Capital Finds New Sense of Optimism

August 15/ 2011, First episode filmed in Colombia of HGTV Cable show   House hunters International Medellin episode

May 1st./ 2014,  The Wall Street Journal, A Building Boom in Bogota

Media where we have been featured

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