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The TRUTH about How to Invest in Real Estate in Colombia

without Having To Pay Unnecessary Extra Money For An Overvalue Property


Worry Of Making Costly Mistakes 
When Investing Real Estate In Colombia?

Thinking that buying a property in Colombia is complicated?

Dont know how to work out the difficults you might face?

What pitfalls should you avoid?

Will your money be safe?

Will the language barrier pose a problem?

You have those question and furthermore....



YOU DON'T WANT TRY TO CHASE DOWN A TEAM OF PEOPLE TO ATTEMPT TO MAKE THE PURCHASE HAPPEN (A Seller, an attorney, a Tax specialist, property manager, a Realtor)



After more than 25 years in the real estate business in Colombia dealing with local and foreigners...

 I know what things work, and which don't...

I also know the fear and insecurity that arise when you have to give a big chunk of your savings to a seller when buying real estate in a Foreign Country...

I'm  on a mission to help others just like me...  and I'll tell you why 

I've been there !

My Experience Buying Real Estate  Abroad

And How Investing In A Foreing Country Almost Made Me Lost A Huge Part Of My Family's Saving.

Florida, Las Vegas, New York. At earlys  2000 many people made a lot of profit in a year or less investing in Real Estate.

In 2004, the value increasing rate in Miami was about 20 to 25 % constant during several years, and even the most respectable and experienced real estate investors, said prices would continue rising.

Many Colombian investors, including me, followed the cheery trend.

Then I started investing and promoting real estate in the US market to Colombian investors and at the same time, I encouraged my friends and family to do so as well.

What happen? In 2006 price stopped going up. In fact, they dropped like a coconut!

I have already paid the down payment of two condos with my brothers, and my dad had bought one as well.

What do you do when you put a big part of your savings in a down payment and the closing dates are stepping you the heels?

Well, if you are lucky enough you can get into an expensive mortgage,  pay maintenance, utilities, taxes, ect, and wait until market recover.

However, if you can’t close the property you simply lose money.

So, I did all the mistakes a first time overseas  property buyer can make:

  • I did not rely in professional advise, thinking that only my realtor friend would be enough
  • I did not plan in advanced how I would finance the properties
  • Even if I could afford to close them, the currency risk at that time was against the numbers
  • Although I did my research, it was not enough

And many other more... 

To make the story short, I ended up losing all my down payment money, as well as my family did.

That was the worst experience I had to face with my family.

I was very embarrassed not only myself but with my Dad, my brothers and my friends .

I felt I had failed also as professional in my business

I realized, eventhough I had experience in the real estate business locally, it was very different when you want to buy abroad 

It took a long way to recover from this experience, but every cloud has a silver ligning. So then I realized, Colombia real estate market was not that volatile.

Buyers of my local developments had relatives abroad, a foreign husband/wife.  And it was not one or two. They were several buying and investing in real estate.

I was supporting them all along the buying process, explaining in their language step by step

So I thought, ¿ Why not promote Colombian real estate market to foreigners and help them to have a very safe, secure and pleasant experience when buying and investing in properties in Colombia?...

Imagine The Amount of Money And Time You Can Save If You Too Could Avoid All The same Costly Mistakes I made For Not Having a Clear Plan

The best strategy for buying Colombia real estate as a non-citizen is to execute a well structured plan that includes an all-in-one full range of real estate services that works with international investors.

The framework I provide for making it easy for international investors who are looking into Investing Colombia real estate, is a sure-fire way to:

Remove the confusion and headaches,

Avoid costly mistakes,

Speed up the process, and

Protect your asset.

Here I'am...

More than acting as real estate consultant, my main passion is to promote my country around the world. I'm very proud of being a Colombian, and I know that serving at the highest level to our foreign visitors, they will be the ones to spread the word about the cordiality and friendliness of the Colombian people.

During my 25+ years experience in the Colombia Real Estate market, I have built a network of professionals from realtors, real estate lawyers, Tax specialists, contractors, appraisars that allows me to provide a full service to property buyers and investors.

I put my knowledge and experience to complete the purchase process and everything that it implies in legal, commercial and taxation matters. My value-added and experience is everything that you can read in my website.

I try to be as clear and transparent in providing information. My detailed personal information is also exposed. Then my reputation and integrity are at stake.


What you get...

  • You'll turn out the process of buying your real estate in Colombia into free of stress, and no financial concerns experience.
  •  You won't need to waste time and hard-earned money finding out how to deal with every step of the proccess.
  • You won't need to chase down a bunch of specialists  with different interests
  •  You will be guided through the several steps to follow,

What I can do for you

When you submit a request for my real estate services in Colombia, my role is to help you walk through the process, helping you achieve the goals that best suits your finances, family needs and requirements.

My commitment with you and my ultimate goal is to help you to make the best of your investments under the best terms.

I don’t work just take advantage of the moment. My philosophy is to create a long-term relationship with the  people I can serve. For me the most important thing is to work honestly and I demand the same of my clients.

That is the best legacy that I can leave to my children.

If you consider I can help you when Investing Real Estate in Colombia
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The Value Of The Word

Our grand parents used to make deals just with a shake of hands. They used to respect and believe in every word they committed to when making a deal, and that was worth more than any legal document.

For me the "value of the word" is also important. Sounds like ingenuous and old fashion these days, but that’s the way I was raised.

Not only Colombians try to find the way to scam other people. Non-ethical people can be found all over the world.

Internet is becoming less an anonymous source. Social networking like facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, and a lot of other important sites gives opportunity for people to be known.

So without exception, we will make sure to let every one know through the net and in all related business forums, the dishonest way this kind of people use to make businesses.

And obviously they will not be able to do businesses with us never again. They are the ones who lose in the long run. It’s not nice to talk about these things, but we’re living in a REAL world and not in a VIRTUAL world.

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