Ruitoque Golf: Where you can stay connected to the nature

Planning to live in Ruitoque Golf? Let me talk about the place where I have been living from a couple of years now. Ruitoque Golf Condominio was the first of its kind in Colombia. People from other cities who come here, agree with me. It started in the mid-nineties and in the later years similar projects became very popular in different Colombian cities taking the same concept.

It is a residential community complex 30 minutes away from the city's downtown, developed at the "Mesa the Ruitoque" -the so called Bucaramanga's "second floor"-. It is projected to harbor about 1.350 family units ( Currently there are about 800 built homes ). The weather is always about 19° C to 20°C and in rainy season can fall to 10°C maximum.

What most attracts me and everybody for sure, is its natural environment. More than 190 ha (470 Acres) of a total of 500 ha (1.235 Acres)- and its spectacular golf course - designed by Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus' Firm- all within the complex.

You can have in your backyard the most diversity of bird species. I don't know much about the subject, but I'm sure Ruitoque is a birdwatching paradise. (Colombia is one of the most favorite places for birdwatchers, by the way). If you are one of them you have to come here. Everyday I find a new kind of colorful birdie, and I'm not overstating!

Bucaramanga' sunset from Mesa de Ruitoque- Courtesy Jean-Marie Prival

Bucaramanga' City View from Mesa de Ruitoque

Nearby Ruitoque Golf there are different spots to practice paragliding. With 300 flying days a year, this is considered one of the best paraglide sites in Colombia. I would like to be a frequent practitioner. I'm just waiting my website can runs for itself to have more time to make it an everyday activity!

Golf, paragliding, outdoors activities. There are few places where you can get the whole package. When I started building my house couple of years ago, I was worry about changing my normal habits. I mean, kids had to get up earlier in the morning to go to school; having lunch at the city, no more naps, just to mention a couple of things. Now I get up early to enjoy the sunrise, I prefer to go jogging instead of napping, and I do some of my work from home. Play golf, practice paraglide, ride in a mountain bike or work from home. That would be the perfect life. Am I asking too much?... maybe not, but someone has to feed the kids!

My Ruitoque House newly built -2007

My Ruitoque in 2013

Security, Comfort, Nature lifestyle - All in one place

Anyway, some people from Europe and US have realized that they can enjoy a quality of life at Ruitoque Golf Condominio in Bucaramanga equal or even better than back home at a lower cost, and had decided to buy a home or build a new one. You might think this is only for wealthiest people or a little minority. Even is not the kind of place that everybody in Colombia can afford, people who lives here varies from professionals, hard working entrepreneurs to university professors ( my neighbor teaches at the State University).

Real estate market in Ruitoque Golf

You can find world class houses at Ruitoque Golf Condominio from COP$800 million (US$ 250,000) to COP$6,000 million (US$2 million ).

There are also lots where you can build the house by your own keeping the same architectural design in the frontage. Size of lots varies from 250 sq. mt -2,000 sq. mt.

Within the complex there are 19 different communities each one with diverse architectural design. Area Houses varies from 250 to 800 square meters (from 3,000 to 9,500 square feet or more.

The secondary real estate market is very active. There are several type of buyers from regular families who wants to change for a new home to local who bought a lot, built a house and then sell it at a good price. People interested in buying could make a very good deal at this time.

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