Why to Invest in Villavicencio?

by Camilo Rodriguez

Villavicencio Sunshine

Villavicencio Sunshine

Because it is a flat land of sunshine without limits, so beautiful in its landscapes, its customs and traditions, music, dance and delicious cuisine.

The Llanos Orientales become a real tour of adventure and color where friends and strangers will see dreamfull sunrises, feel the warmth of their beautiful sunsets, enjoy a grilled veal, or share the joy of its people.

The Colombian plain is a land of livestock, of people-loving nature and freedom, people who work tirelessly and who keeps old customs and traditions. This vast region includes the area that extends to the limits with Venezuela and there's no need of mountains and hills to display all its beauty.

Additional to the cuisine, rich in juicy meat of great flavor, there are their dances and songs. The llaneros sing to their land, their livestock and their women. Its dancing, the Joropo, is brightened up by the notes of traditional musical instruments like the harp, el cuatro ( a typical instrument of four strings) which manage to arouse the feelings of all those who hear the melodies from his early tunes.

El Llano has two faces: One of Industry and progress and other one of landscape and tradition.

Villavicencio, the capital, has an organized structure and I's a growing city. In recent years, hotels and commercial supply has improved to offer tourists and new investors all the comforts of a main capital.

The industrial sector goes hand in hand with the livestock supply, and just as they are green and endless plains filled with cows, galloping horses and display of Corocoro birds, are visible as well, giant rice fields, palm oil plantations, and " morichales ", a palm tree emblem of this region that adorns the extensive plains full of unique wildlife, and that waves in the silence of this huge green sea.

This is a beautiful Colombian region, a place worth visiting for its cultural richness, its fauna and flora, which is certainly of all Colombian territory, one of the best investment options.

The decision to invest in Villavicencio, both by industrialists, developers or simply individuals, reflects the dynamism and growing economic activity of the city and the region. It is evident the importance of Villavicencio as a point of entry and exit to the Colombian Llanos Orientales and the importance of agriculture, economic and political condition that it entails.

It is Obvious the increase in the supply of housing developments for leisure, investment on properties and housing solutions within and outside the city. Also outlightning is the supply of services aimed at household consumption, tourism, agro-industry and second homes developments, and These are facts that support this behavior as a trend over the coming years. All of the above, supported by the country's social, economic and political situation. Investment and macroeconomic variables may continue in advance.

The investment period for which Colombia is experiencing right now, it's a reason to think on invest in properties of unique attributes, for demanding buyers on behalf the actual demand and the fast increse of value of land near to Villavicencio.

The population growth of the city and the region, the constant demand for properties in warm regions near Bogota (only two hours away by car through a spectacular highway), the shift in the perspective of supply of agricultural and primary goods, the supply of unique attributes in terms of landscape and atmosphere, positive impact on the environment, town planning in the area, the availability of materials and local suppliers and the possibility of carrying out effective marketing campaigns, advertising and sales at low cost, justify even more to invest in this area of the country.

The construction sector and the supply of housing developments have shown a dynamic growth in Villavicencio oriented to housing developments fro every type of income levels. The square metres for construction has maintained its growth during the past 4 years where retail chain superstores projects has undergone a remarkable boost. For all the reasons above and more, price of land in Villavicencio and its environs has doubled between 2004 and 2008.

Bogota firms are the one who are taking advantage of this stage, associated with local companies that integrate business processes and allow developers to count on inputs, services and local workforce for some critical issues of urban development such as costs effectiveness.

National real estate buyers of leisure second homes or recreational projects, are no longer exclusive to the Caribbean coast or the outskirts of Bogota. There is evidence of a growing purchasing power in certain niches of the population in small and medium-sized cities and those colombians living abroad.

But despite the increasing offer, new macroeconomic conditions suggests that the current stock available could be less than required over the next 5 years, in terms of leisure projects, and rental housing.

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